It’s Been a Day

Not a bad day. But a full one. Lots of ups and downs with work. An event tonight. Tomorrow is MP’s birthday and I have two meetings scheduled tomorrow. I am so ready for bed.

No, my bed doesn’t look anything like the picture. It would be ok if it did though!

“They left her kneeling on the floor at the bottom of the bed, her torso over the lounge, arms stretched out on each side of her, naked bottom pushed out. “We’ll leave you here,” the blonde woman said, her voice cool and a bit amused. She ran her hands over the kneeling woman’s naked bottom. “Rafe will be here in a few minutes to finish preparing you.”

She heard them leave, the two women who had brought her in. She waited for what seemed like a very long time, wondering what had made her agree to this weekend of training. Ok, the orgasms this morning had been lovely, but the rest of the day had been much more challenging. When she heard the door to the room open, she had no idea what to expect.

With the blindfold on, she also had no way of knowing if this was the Rafe person they had referred to or someone else. But the footsteps sounded like two people. All she could do was wait, confident that she’d be given directions when she needed them.

“Very nice,” a masculine voice said, and another one, even deeper, responded, “Even nicer once you’ve warmed her up a bit.” They both laughed, and she shuddered. She wanted to believe that it was just fear she felt, but she also knew that she was more aroused than she had ever been.

The deeper voice again, “Go ahead, do the honors.”

Hands caressed her, she wiggled in pleasure. Hands on her ass, her thighs, between her legs, stroking and teasing til she was whimpering. This? Was this what they meant by warming her up?

But of course it wasn’t, so she was only half surprised when the hands were withdrawn, when she heard a “thwack” and felt a strip across her bottom stinging. “Ow!” she said and there were two hits landing right in the center of her cheeks – followed by a blow on her upper thighs that made her cry out loudly. Stinging and burning. Each one seemed to hurt more than the one before.

She rose up from the lounge, only to feel the cuff on one arm fastened to something – she didn’t know what, but she the other side was quickly fastened as well and was held fast, unable to even rise from the lounge, much less escape. The blows fell methodically, evenly, spaced out at first and then landing to fill in the spaces until every inch of her ass had been covered.

Quickly she had begun to plead for mercy, begging them to stop. The response sounded almost friendly, “Oh, no, darlin, I can’t stop now. If you could only see how lovely you are, trying to get away like you are, and your ass getting all red and a bit welted.” He paused long enough to dip a finger between her legs and added, “And just see how wet you are! Beautiful.”

The spanking continued until she was crying, no longer fighting, her head resting weakly on the lounge. “There you go,” he said. “That’s better now, isn’t it?” She couldn’t speak, but he didn’t wait for an answer. The other man, the one with the deeper voice spoke now.

“Nice job, Rafe. You can go now. I’ll take her from here.”