Miscellaneous Thoughts

I need to quit writing snippets of erotica and focus on Sofia and Lucas. Expect to see shorter blog posts until I get back into that. (I know, it’s my blog, I don’t have to explain or justify.)

I feel pulled in different directions today. It’s not helpful when one of the people pulling on me explains to me that the other person is pulling on me too much. Um, you’re both pulling on me, so just hush.

People driving real slowly drives me crazy. People driving too fast kind of does too, but it scares me more than making me want to yell at them to go faster. Needless to say, I don’t actually do that. And sometimes I can relax and just let it be. But when I need to be somewhere at a certain time and we’re going 25 in a 35 mph speed zone? Argh. I could scream.

I worry sometimes that the line between D/s and abuse is too thin. There are men who are manipulative rather than dominant who take advantage of submissive women, and I am afraid sometimes that I’m giving them a blueprint for how to do that. You know, there’s no point in worrying too much, but it’s a real thing.

I love using the color settings on the blog, and I’m also afraid that it just makes it hard for people to read. Or is annoying. If that’s the case, I’m sorry. But it’s entertaining me today.

I thought I was through with this post, but I took the grands out to dinner tonight, at the buffet up the street. As I got out of the car, I noticed a note, just laying on the ground beside the car. I was kind of fascinated. It said:

“I’m the guy who was sitting next to you.” Isn’t that interesting? I guess whoever was sitting next to him wasn’t as pleased with that as he expected, since they left this laying on the ground. Of course they could have dropped it accidentally? Or – hell, I dunno, maybe it was a blackmail note. Does it have a sinister ring to it? So many possibilities – actually, it sounds like the beginning of a ‘nilla story, doesn’t it? But we’ll never know…

7 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Thoughts

  1. Just so you know, on the wordpress reader (where the posts pop up in a sort of stream) the color settings don’t show. So someone has to go directly onto your blog to see them. 🙂 So for people like me who read directly in the stream and rarely visit blogs, the color changes don’t bother me at all!


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