Connections – Part II {18}

The spanking didn’t last long, and when he was finished, Lucas caressed and stroked her while she was still bent over the arm of the couch and readily available. She was squirming and just about to ask permission to cum when he stopped.

“Of course he stops now,” Sofia thought, with a sigh.

“That was just a reminder,” he said, “That in this space, you are submissive to me. Do you agree?”

“Yes, Sir,” she said, feeling herself slipping even deeper into that headspace.

He helped her stand. “Let’s go to the Master bedroom,” he said. Smiling he added, “Yes, that’s “master” with a capital “M.” She followed him down the short hallway. At the doorway, he stopped and turned to her. “The protocol is that you ask my permission before entering. If you’re being punished, it’s appropriate to kneel before asking, but there’s no need for that tonight.” He smiled again, “Tonight, you’re my good girl.”

But he still paused outside the room, and after a long moment, Sofia realized he was waiting for her to ask. Flushed with embarrassment, she said, “May I come in, Sir?”

He smiled, nodded and put an arm around her so they entered together. Once inside, she could see the king size bed with a mirror on the ceiling. “All the cliches,” she thought, but it made her shiver. The walk-in closet door was open. Whips and paddles, crops and instruments she didn’t even recognize hung from the door. She could see a spanking bench and some other furniture in the closet, but before she got a good look, Lucas directed her to the bathroom.

She did, indeed need the facilities. The bathtub was large, and had jets, which made her smile. A fancy shower stall. “And frigging mirrors,” she thought, as she settled on the toilet, unable to avoid her reflection across from her.

When she emerged, Lucas was waiting for her, blindfold in hand. “I’m going to play with you,” he said. “I’d like you here,” and he led her to a recliner in the corner. The seat was already tilted back, and he helped her into it. Then he draped one leg over each of the arms of the chair, so she was fully open and exposed.

“Lovely,” he said. “Do you agree to the blindfold?”

“Yes, Sir,” she said, secretly relieved that she wouldn’t be able to see her own body splayed out like it was. He slid it on her carefully, and she wondered if he already knew that she would feel that way.

The darkness was comforting. She felt her breathing slow a bit. Each breath a bit deeper. Then felt his hands on her face, thumbs brushing her lips. She smiled, sucked one thumb into her mouth, teased it with her tongue, but he removed it quickly.

His hands explored her.

He stroked her face, her neck. Placed his hands around her neck gently, just barely a reminder that she was at his mercy. Moved to her shoulders and arms. Raised her arms to stroke the soft underside. She squirmed when he touched her armpits, but he placed both hands under her head, “Stay,” he said.

She felt him move away from her, and wondered if he was angry, but then she heard soft music, drum and flute, and he was back. This time when he touched her, his hands were covered in lotion. They re-traced where he had already touched her, and began down her torso.

He spent a long time on her breasts and nipples. Her hands were still under her head, where he had put them, and she knew to leave them there. Under his touch now, she moaned and moved her hips. His caresses, both with hands and mouth, ignited a fire in the cleft between her thighs. If she could have, she would have rubbed against him, rubbed against a pillow, touched herself… Instead she squirmed, pumping her hips aimlessly.

His hands moved down, stroked the inside of her thighs. Moved closer to her center,stroked the outer edges, she was whimpering now. His voice was kind, “Do you like that?”

“Omg, yes, yes, Sir.” The teasing was relentless, and she thought if he would just frigging touch her clit, she would come. Instead –

“Someday, I’ll spank your pussy,” he said. “I have a cute wooden spoon that is just right for that. Do you like to have your pussy spanked?”

“Yes, Sir, um, no, Sir, I don’t know, Sir!” At that point, she really didn’t know, and she just wanted the right answer. “Oh, yes, Sir, if you like that, then of course I do!!”

He laughed gently. “Good girl,” he said, but his hands had parted her outer lips, further exposing her swollen clit. She felt him lean forward, thought he was going to put his mouth – but no. He blew on it. He frigging blew on her clit, like it needed to be cooled off.

She wanted to laugh, she wanted to cry, all she could do was squirm and pump her hips, raising herself, offering herself. “Sir, please…”

“Yes? I’m right here. What do you need? Did you want something?”

And he moved away, left her dangling. Suddenly he was touching her feet. Rubbing lotion on her feet. She loved a foot massage, loved it with all her heart. But not now- not when her abandoned pussy was about to go up in flames.

“Sirrrr,” she whined, knowing she was whining and not able to stop it. Before she could anticipate what was about to happen, he had slapped the inside of one thigh. Hard enough to make her cry out.

“No whining,” he said. He had moved to the second foot. “If you want something, you may ask. You can beg. But no whining. That was just a warning.”

Sofia took a deep breath, “Sir,” she said, making sure she wasn’t whining, “Sir, Sir, would you please touch me?”

“Touch you?” He sounded surprised. “I am touching you.” His hands on her foot did feel amazing, but it didn’t relieve the tension or reduce the heat of her neglected pussy. And she knew that he knew exactly what she meant.

“Yes, Sir, I don’t mean there, I mean, I mean, I’d like to cum, Sir, and I think if you just touch me a little bit, I probably will.” She thought she was pleading, but not whining.

“Oh, but what fun would that be for me?” he asked. “I’m really happy to just get to know your body.” His hands left the foot, and one hand rubbed each calf. Working their way slowly up. “I thought I’d just give you a nice massage and put you to bed.”

“Noooo, oh, no, Sir, please don’t do that!”

“Are you telling me no?” And in that moment, she couldn’t tell if he was kidding or half-kidding or dead serious, so she back pedaled as fast as she could,

“Oh absolutely not, definitely not telling you no! If it would please you to -“ and she had to force the words out – “If it would please you to massage me. -and – put me to bed, then of course I – I want you to do that.”

“Oh, that’s better,” he said, and his hands began working their way up her thighs. “But what do you want, little one?”

“Oh, please, Sir, I want to cum, please, please, pretty please.” And she was half-laughing at herself, really, did she just say ‘pretty please?’ She couldn’t see the pleased look on Lucas’ face, but she heard it in his voice when he said, “That’s better.”

6 thoughts on “Connections – Part II {18}

  1. Wow Olivia, you have definitely got back on a roll with this story! Super hot instalment! Lucas did say he was going to play with her lol, but I’m sure he will soon put Sofia out of her missery lol 🙂


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