Connections {4}

Sofia pushed The Wolf – ok, Lucas – out of her mind and enjoyed getting ready for the evening. Lori had brought everything she needed to prep at Sofia’s place, and there were 2 bathrooms, there wasn’t any problem with them getting in each other’s way. It was really nice, Sofia thought, to have someone to talk to and to make sure her makeup was even and her dress looked ok.

Finally, they were ready. Sofia was wearing a dark maroon dress that hugged her curves to the waist and then flowed to mid calf. It had a modest v-neck and short, loose sleeves. She carried a light, summer wrap that flowed when she moved, black with a maroon and lavender flowers design. She thought it looked a bit Japanese and made her think of kimonos and geisha girls, which was what she intended. But her shoes were strappy sandals with a wedge heel.

Lori also wore a dress, a little black dress that showed a bit of cleavage and had a hem line that stopped just above her knee. Her heels were a bit higher, and her summer sweater was gray.

Looking at themselves in the mirror, Lori laughed. “We look mah-ve-lous dahling, simply mah-ve-lous.“

Sofia laughed too, “We do, for a couple of old ladies. Let’s get this show on the road!”

The Munch

“Oh my god, I’m too nervous to go in there!” The two women were sitting in Sofia’s car in the parking lot next to the restaurant. “I can’t!” Sofia was giggling as she said it, but still…

Lori was nervous too. But, “Ok, ok, we drove all this way. We can do it. Um, maybe we can do it? No, we can, I mean, yes, yes, we can.” They both giggled then.

“Ok,” Sofia got serious, “ok. This is not a big deal. It’s dinner with some nice people.”

Lori said, “Right! Nice people who just happen to like to – like to…” and she started giggling “do really kinky things with each other. In public,” and they both dissolved in giggles again, “oh my god, what are we doing?”

“Ok, we’re going in there. We drove all this way, we can always leave if it’s truly awful, but it won’t be.” Sofia looked in the mirror on her car shade to make sure her lipstick was still there. “Come on. Let’s do it.”

They were quiet as they approached the building and told the hostess they were here for a private party. “Oh, of course,” the hostess smiled, “Right this way.”

The room was large, with a horseshoe shaped table in the middle and some smaller tables on each side of the room. The hostess led them to the table, but only a few people were already seated and they hesitated to sit down, looking around a bit awkwardly instead.

They were quickly approached by a younger woman in a long black dress with a slit up the side nearly to her hip. “Hello,” she greeted them warmly, “I’m Emily, welcome to the munch. We’re just getting started, not quite warmed up yet so to speak,” and she laughed. “You’re welcome to sit down if you like, but come sign our register first, we always like to be able to connect on Fetlife after the munch. And if you’re thinking about going to the party afterwards, you can go ahead and pay the entrance fee and all that.“

“Of course,” said Sofia, and she and Lori followed Emily to one of the side tables. They got signed in, payed their fees, glanced over the rules for the play party, and were chatting with the young man in charge of the registration book while other people arrived and greeted each other, some of them settling into seats at the table, while others wandered the room.

As they turned back toward the table, ready to take their seats and look at the menu, Sofia gasped. Seated at the head of the table was Lucas. And he was looking directly at her. She covered her mouth was one hand, but couldn’t bring herself to turn away. He looked at her for what seemed like forever, pinning her with his gaze. Then, with a hint of a smile, he nodded his head and somehow that released her. She could move again.

She looked around to discover Lori looking at her, “What?” she asked, “What -“ but Sofia cut her off.

“Shhhhhh,” she said softly, looking at the floor, pulling Lori with her toward the table. “Don’t look now, but guess who’s here? You won’t believe it.” She stifled a giggle, “Out of all the munches in all the Southern states, he had to walk into my munch,”

“Who – what – oh my god,” said Lori as she spotted him. “It’s him!! The Wolf! I mean, Lucas!”

“Shhhhhh,” said Sofia, “Come on, let’s sit down here, at this end of the table, right here,” And she headed for a couple of chairs as far away from him as she could get. No sooner were they seated then she glanced up at him again. He was talking to the woman next to him, but as Sofia watched, he turned and looked directly at her again. This time he didn’t acknowledge her at all, just looked at her for a long moment before he turned back to the woman at his side.

“Oh, fuck,” muttered Sofia, suddenly aware of heat between her thighs, “I am in so much trouble.”

6 thoughts on “Connections {4}

    • Thanks so much, Roz, it was pretty predictable that he would be there, for sure. I was actually trying to decide if that made it cliche, but I guess this is the necessary set-up for what comes next, right? Anyhow. We’ll see where it goes. Thanks again!! ❤


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