Wellness Wednesday 10/30/19

Today, I’m wishing that I’d come back when Fondles was still doing FFF on Fridays. The companionship and support was lovely. But this is what happens – you screw around and miss the opportunities. I feel kind of stupid doing this by myself, actually. Because really, who wants to hear my step count for the week?

But this is part of the reason I came back to blogging, because I was slipping so badly. And I try to remind myself, this is my space, this is where I reconnect with who I am. Ok. Slow breath.

  • Step average: 5,600 range: 3,800 – 7,000
  • Glucose: 127- 149 (I know, that’s not better…)
  • Sleep average: 6 hrs, 3 minutes
  • Weight: 164.5

I was about to start fussing at myself for not doing the things I’d planned to do today, but that’s kind of pointless. Maybe the things I’m actually doing are what I need to do. Maybe I just need to let go of fretting about it and see how that goes.

So here’s a thought for the day:

“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”
~~ Friedrich Nietzsche

There’s some consolation in that!!

6 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday 10/30/19

  1. I think that whatever works to help yourself along is fair game.
    And who knows, people might join in with you! (Prolly not til after the holidays, in fairness, but you never know!)

    Funny… for me, I think I’d prefer to BE the dancing star, as opposed to birthin’ one.
    (YMMV, of course!)

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    • Thanks, Jr. That would be cool if other people joined in – and yes, after the holidays would be smart! Lol… I don’t know what I’m thinking!

      And you are a dancing star, so there ya go. I will be fine either way! ❤



  2. I like to hear your step count 🙂 This blog is yours so you do YOU and what works for you and no one else. I ran the Chicago Marathon and posted a daily FB post for 120 days (my training season) and did it for ME- others commented and some it motivated but I really did it for me- to hold myself accountable.

    Letting go of fretting is good- hard but good 🙂

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    • Thank you, Faithful, that’s nice to hear and a good reminder. Wow to doing the Chicago marathon!! I bet it was helpful to blog during the season.

      Letting go of fretting – yep. Not easy, and definitely worthwhile. Working on it… ❤


  3. Hi Olivia,

    Love the quote! Think I would prefer to be the dancing star too.

    I fell of the FFF wagon. Good on you for getting back on track. If posting here works for you go for it. This is your space and we are here to cheer you on. As JZ said, hopefully others may also join you.


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