Time on Tuesday

Frittering away my time at the coffee shop right now, but it’s ok. I was productive this morning, and will be again this afternoon/evening. Don’t have to be productive all day long.

In getting to the site to write this post, I accidentally went to one of my old sites and stumbled across a couple of comments in moderation from 2011. One of them was spam, so I went ahead and trashed that one. The other was from an old friend/ex-lover and made me super nostalgic. Not for him exactly, but for the perspective he brought to our relationship.

Anyhow. No need to go down the road. I thought about emailing him for a hot minute and decided not to.

I’m going on retreat next week. Having some minor surgery on Monday, taking a day off at home on Tuesday, then going on retreat Wed, Thurs, and Friday. I’ll come home again on Saturday.

I’ll be near the beach – walking distance if I push it a bit, and the weather is supposed to be reasonably good. I haven’t quite figured out how I want to use the time, other than to find some silence and space.

And now I really have frittered away all my coffee shop time!

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