Connections {3}

Friday night was devoted to dinner and settling in. Lori’s borrowed condo was right on the beach, so they walked and chatted and planned. They agreed that they each had something they felt comfortable wearing to the munch and the party. They even had shoes that would work. But a trip to Victoria’s Secret was in order the next day.

“Not that I’m taking any clothes off,” Lori laughed, “But it’s always feels good to know that you’re sexy down to the skin.” Sofia agreed, smiling at the idea of taking off clothes in front of people at this point in her life. Not likely.

“Oh, let’s go to the spa in the morning,” Sofia suggested. “We can go to the one on the first floor of my condo – they do a great massage and facial, and I need a pedicure for sure.”

“Yep, manicure too,” Lori said glancing at her nails. “Perfect.”

They ended the night early – it had been a long day for both of them. Sofia drove home feeling excitement stir in her stomach, almost too much, she thought. Still, it was great to see Lori again and to have someone to share adventures with.

Later, after scheduling their spa time, and drinking her cup of tea, Sofia was ready to sleep. But she lay awake a long time, remembering her experiences in the BDSM community. ”All the adventures,” she thought, and sighed.

Her last thought as she feel asleep was of The Wolf next door, wondering what kinds of adventures he was interested in.

The next morning was sunny, just a bit cool, and Sofia enjoyed her morning walk by the river. She was glad that she’d been able to stay active. Between yoga and walking and dance, she rarely felt stiff and she still moved with some grace.

Showered and dressed, she waited impatiently for Lori, who was actually right on time. The spa was first on their agenda. Sofia was a frequent patron of this spa, and they were welcoming to her and Lori, offering hot tea, water, and a light lunch as they had their faces, feet, hands, and bodies tended to.

Lori claimed the massage might have been the best she’d ever had, “Although,” she admitted, “I think I always say that. But really, I love this place.” They were both relaxed and felt renewed as they headed for the mall.

Victoria’s Secret

”I love Victoria’s Secret,” Sofia said as they walked briskly through the mall. “I know that’s silly, but I do.”

“Why is it silly?” asked Lori.

“Oh, you know. I should be too old for this nonsense.”

Lori just shook her head. “That’s silly,” she said. And they plunged into the store, the distinctive scent and sights of the lingerie store surrounding them. Saleswomen approached, but they waved them off, “No, we want to browse a bit first,”

And they did. “So many choices,” moaned Lori. “I think I have to try this on,” holding up a red teddy with a plunging neck.

Sofia giggled, “I love that! Look at this one!” It was a lacy corset, black, and, she thought, perfect for a submissive woman. So there was a flurry of trying on and taking off, saleswomen bringing other sizes and making suggestions, until they were both totally satisfied with their choices.

“Oh my god,” said Sofia, as they got up to the counter to pay, “Look there. No, don’t look, he’s looking this way, now, now look. Right across, coming out of that store. It’s my neighbor. The Wolf.”

Lori looked up, as directed, and grinned, “It is! This is a small town, isn’t it?”

Sofia groaned, “Yes, totally tiny.” She had seen other people she knew today, nodded, said hi, but that had not bothered her. She felt funny having The Wolf see her come out of Victoria’s Secret carrying a bag that proclaimed she had bought something.

He had stopped in front of the store and was talking with a young man next him. His son, maybe, Sofia thought. And they weren’t moving. She sighed. Maybe he wouldn’t notice them.

But they had to leave and of course he did, he glanced up just as she and Lori walked out, glanced up and smiled when he saw her. Of course, thought Sofia, he would. Lori said hi, and next thing she knew they were chatting about the weather and how crowded the mall was, while Sofia wished she could disappear.

But – oh, yikes, Lori had just introduced herself!! And The Wolf smiled as he shook her hand, “I’m Lucas,” he said, Lucas Carmichael. And this is my son, Jordan. Jordan, this,” and he nodded to Sofia, “is my next door neighbor. I’m so sorry, I don’t know your name,” he said.

“Sofia. I’m Sofia. It’s nice to meet you Jordan, and Lucas, you too.” And she stopped, she wanted to get away, she could have sworn he was looking at her like he could see the damn corset in her bag. But, no, she thought, surely I’m just making that up. “Lori, we really need to go,” she said, then to Lucas, “I’m sorry, I hate to rush off, but we’re running a bit late. Welcome to the neighborhood, it’s nice to meet you. I’m sure we’ll see you again.”

And she started walking away so quickly that Lori had no choice but to follow. “Yes, nice to meet you, sorry, we are running late,” she said, smiling at the two men as she left.

She hurried to catch up to Sofia. “Hey, what was that about? Are we really running late?”

Sofia slowed a bit, “Well, yeah, we’ve still got to change and drive an hour. You know. I hope I didn’t sound rude.”

“Nooo,” said Lori, a bit uncertainly. “Not rude, just – you’re not usually that abrupt.”

As the women left, Jordan turned to his dad. “Well, doesn’t look like that one is a big fan of yours,” he laughed. “Sofia, right? The other one, Lori, seems friendly enough. But looks like Sofia couldn’t wait to get away from you.”

Lucas was thoughtful, watching her hurry away. “No. definitely not a fan,” he said. “Very interesting.” And he thought, “It seems like little Sofia might be afraid of me. I wonder what that’s about.”

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