Moments {5}

They let her sit up, a soft blanket under her, made her scoot forward so her legs dangled off the side of the raised platform. They spread her knees wide. Then they removed her blindfold and she looked around, blinking rapidly as her eyes adjusted to the light. Glancing down, she was shocked to see her naked pussy, with her swollen clit peeking from between the lips. She looked away quickly.

They told her that she was still not to speak unless directed to. They explained that the platform she was seated on was quite handy. It could be adjusted to give them more convenient access to her mouth or cunt or ass, as they preferred.

The younger man was Master Jon, she thought, although he had not introduced himself. He did most of the talking, and she relaxed into the sound of his voice. She had spaced out a bit and was maybe not quite paying attention when he touched her shoulder. “Are you listening?” he asked, not unkindly.

She looked up at him, “Yes, Sir,” she said, and then her innate honesty prompted her to add, “I’m trying to anyhow.”

He smiled. “Listen carefully to me now, ok? Your master has given us permission to use your mouth, your cunt, and your ass for our pleasure. ” He paused, and her body flooded with sensation, heat spreading from his hand through her body, and she was incredibly aroused and embarrassed at the same time. But he continued, “You’ll have to earn that though. I’m not interested in using you until you’ve shown me that you can obey me and that you want to please me.”

She remembered him saying that to Master Daniel before, and was dismayed again to realize that she wanted him to teach her how to please him. She wanted him to want her, and that thought carried both shame and arousal.

He lifted his hand from his shoulder – she thought that it must have left an imprint on her body, she could feel so clearly where it had been. Deliberately, he moved his hand toward her face, slowly, saying “Open,” as he did so.

Instinctively she opened her mouth, and he thrust his thumb into it. Looking directly into her eyes, he said, “Show me what you know how to do with your mouth and tongue.”

She sucked his thumb, tentatively at first, but then with more confidence, pausing to swirl the soft pad with her tongue, licking delicately with the tip and then massaging it with the flat of her tongue. He smiled, and she closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation, trying to sense what would bring him pleasure.

“Stop,” he said, firmly. That jolted her and she stopped, opening her mouth uncertainly, opening her eyes quickly. He removed his thumb, and again, she felt a sense of loss, a desire to be able to offer more. She was a little afraid she had displeased him, but he nodded to her. “Not bad for a new girl,” he said, “You may be worth training.”

She shivered at his words, touched by the praise, realizing again how much she wanted to please him.

She heard a door open behind her and would have turned her head, but “Eyes on me,” he said and she sat very still. She heard footsteps behind her, heels clacking, a woman, she thought, and noticed the scent of a sweet perfume.

A woman’s voice. “Is she ready for bed then?” Laughter in the voice, as if she were enjoying a private joke.

“Yes, I think Master Jon’s through playing with the new toy,” It was the older man who spoke, and he sounded amused too. “Girl,” he said, and she turned her attention to him. “Mistress Molly is going to put you to bed. Be sure to obey her. She’s a fair mistress, but harsh with disobedient girls. In the morning, your training will begin.”

She saw that he had a leash in his hands, and she looked up at him, shocked. Surely he wasn’t going to – but he did. He attached the leash to the collar they had fastened around her slender neck when she had first arrived with her lover. That moment seemed very long ago to her now, the slight shock and rush of pleasure she’d felt when she’d heard the small click of the lock closing. The weight of the leash tugged at the collar now.

“Thank you, Master Daniel,” the woman said, stepping forward as he handed her the end of the leash. She shortened it, keeping it taut between them.

Mistress Molly was attractive, dark-haired, slim, maybe as old as Master Daniel. Dressed in leggings and a dark green tunic, she seemed very comfortable. “Lower the platform please, so this girl can stand up,” she said.

The platform was lowered and when the girl’s feet touched the ground, Mistress Molly tugged sharply on the leash. “Up,” she said. Obediently, the girl stood. Her legs were a bit shaky, and Mistress Molly said, “Stretch a little bit. Go ahead, raise your arms over your head. Good. Now bend forward, touch your toes – stay – hold that position a minute, come up slowly. Yes, there you go. Stretch up again. Hold it there.”

While the girl stood with both arms stretched over her head, the woman moved closer, touching the girl’s mouth, then flicking each of her nipples. The girl gasped, but managed to keep her arms in the air.

“Put your arms behind your back. And spread your legs.” The girl obeyed, fearful of what was to come. When the woman penetrated her pussy, two fingers sliding in easily the girl gasped again. She had never been touched this intimately by a woman before, and she was – not for the first time tonight – equally aroused and embarrassed. She was aware of the men watching her.

“Bend over again, and touch your toes,” Mistress Molly directed. Sure of what was to come, the girl bent slowly, but a tug down on the leash forced her to move more quickly. “Master John, would you hand me the inch dildo please,” was the next request.

The girl stayed, frozen, bent over and exposed. She could feel her asshole tighten. Mistress Molly must have anticipated that because, “Take your hands and spread your cheeks,” she said. “That’s it.” The woman’s hand gripped the girl’s collar from behind, helping the girl balance. The girl’s hands moved slowly, but obediently, as she reached behind herself, spreading her own ass cheeks, and another whimper escaped her.

The girl moaned as the cold dildo slid into her pussy, coating it with her juices. Then the girl felt it pushing at the rear opening, pressing firmly. She tried to restrain her whimper, it was a half-strangled sound, as the dildo pushed deeper, a pain that that numbed her to any other sensation. The pressure was relentless until the dildo had fully penetrated, and then the girl felt her muscles softening around it, the pain receding, replaced by a sense of fullness that was merely uncomfortable.

“Whew,” said Mistress Molly, laughing, “That was a lot of work.” The girl blushed with shame. The men laughed too, and Master Jon said, “Yes, he said he hadn’t fucked her ass before. He wanted her loosened up first.”

“Well,” Mistress Molly said, “We can certainly do that.” With the dildo still in place, holding the collar with one hand, she moved her fingers to the girl’s dripping lips, parting them and stroking the swollen clit.

And now the girl was whimpering with pleasure despite the uncomfortable fullness, and trying to move her hips to increase the pressure, feeling an orgasm building quickly. Abruptly, the hand stopped, the dildo was removed, and the girl cried out, feeling empty and cold.

“Okay,” said Mistress Molly, tugged gently on the back of the collar. “Stand up girl, we can’t play with you all night. Gentlemen, has she got any particular punishment coming?”

“No,” Master Daniel replied. Give her 5 from me though, just to welcome her,”

“-and 5 from me,” said Master Jon.

“That’ll be 15 then,” said Mistress Molly, sounding quite cheerful. “Come girl,” she said, “We won’t stand on formalities tonight, we’ll teach you how to heel properly tomorrow. Can you walk? We don’t have far to go, but you can crawl if you feel too shaky.”

The girl shook her head no, a bit frantically, hoping the Mistress would understand that meant she didn’t need to crawl. Still naked, still incredibly aroused, attached to a leash and terrified of what might come next, but standing on her own, she followed Mistress Molly out of the room.

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