Moments {2}

It was her lover who helped her to her feet. He allowed her to stretch her arms, wiggling her shoulders, and then raised her hands, placing them behind her head, right at the nape of her neck. She was still blindfolded.

“I’m going to claim you,” he said. “I’ll ask you to submit to my wishes, to my demands. To serve and please me, even if that means being given to other men to use for their pleasure. You’ll be trained in how to submit and obey, how to be pleasing. If you agree, I’ll leave you here with Master Jon and Master Daniel. I’ve given them permission to use whatever means they choose to teach you obedience and submission.

“You will serve with your mouth,” he went on, thrusting his thumb between her lips, pushing into her mouth which opened to receive him. He pushed his thumb further into her mouth, almost making her gag, before he pulled it away.

“You will serve with your pussy,” he said, penetrating her abruptly with two fingers. She gasped.

“You will serve with your ass,” he said, removing his hand from her pussy, leaving her trembling. He pushed his fingers into the back entrance, with only her own wetness on his fingers for lubrication. She was quite tight there and raised up on her toes trying to escape the probing fingers. But of course he pressed his way in and after a few moments, she submitted to this intrusion, bowing her head and leaning into him.

Removing his fingers, he said, “You will not speak without permission while you are here. There will be any number of rules for you to follow during your stay, and you will be punished for any infraction of the rules, or for any disobedience. You may speak now though, if you have questions about any of this.”

He paused. She was trembling, and she knew that mixed with the fear was some excitement for what was to come. The idea of being used by both of the men who she had not seen yet was incredibly arousing, even though she assured herself that she didn’t really want to be like that. The thought of being punished was also arousing, and scary.

“How will I be punished, Sir?” she asked. “What will they do?”

His voice was gentle. “There are lots of ways to punish a submissive girl. Corner time. Spanking. Caning. Withholding orgasms. I imagine Master Jon and Master Daniel have ways that I haven’t even thought of to make disobedient girls wish they had obeyed quickly and correctly.” He pinched her nipple. Hard.

She gasped at the pain, and tried to absorb the idea of the punishments she was to receive. She had no delusions that she would avoid any of it. “Sir,” she said, “Sir, will – will I have any kind of safe word, Sir?”

He paused, and she was afraid she had angered him. But, “Of course,” he said. “The same as always. Green means yes, please, Sir, more. Yellow means, Oh, this is freaking me out, would you slow down a little bit, please. Sir. And red means Stop. But if you use red, then we have to completely stop. We have to start over. Red really means you’re withdrawing your consent to the whole experience. Is that clear?”

“Yes,” she says, “yes, Sir.” Wondering if she will get so desperate that she gives up. Hoping that she doesn’t.

“The last thing,” he says, “Is that you agree to write about your feelings about the things that happen to you. To write about it honestly, from your heart.” He paused. “We talked about all of this before, but I want to be clear about what you’re agreeing to before I leave you. Any more questions?”

She thought, although really, maybe it wasn’t actually “thinking” but more like trying to sort through the swirl of sensations and feelings that almost overwhelmed her. But, “No, Sir, no more questions,” she said.

“Then do you agree to the conditions I’ve explained and that we’ve discussed? Freely, without hesitation?”

Joy. Joy bubbled up in her and she could hardly speak for the feeling that filled her heart. She would remember this moment later – how she had smiled as she said, “Yes. Yes, Sir, please.”

“Good girl,” he said. He moved away.

She heard one of the other men, she didn’t know which one, say, “We’ll take it from here. You are welcome, of course to come watch the process at any time. But I’ll walk you to the door now.”

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6 thoughts on “Moments {2}

    • No, that’s interesting! I can sure see what you’re saying. And yeah, we all have issues… Certainly, themes of loss and abandonment are part of my life. Thanks for that comment! (Although, “Girl, I’ve got issues,” made me smile a little bit.)


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