When I’m Sixty-Two…

Ok, the song is when i’m 64, and i’m not going to be 64 for a couple more years.   But I am about to turn 62 in a few short weeks.   And still appraising and re-appraising my life.

“We have not yet arrived, but every point at which we stop requires a re-definition of our destination.”
— Ben Okri, Tales of Freedom

Yesterday, i did a belly dance video.  When I say “did” i mean i followed it.  Um, danced to it.  (check my FFF goal!)  It was definitely a beginners video.  Just walked us through the steps.  i managed to feel a bit irritated with myself when i couldn’t follow the all moves.

Yep.  Irritated.

I haven’t done one single shimmy in about 5 years and i still had to remind myself several times that i wasn’t supposed to be able to do it as well as I once did immediately. Then i vacillated between “i’m going to be that amazing 70 year old woman who can belly dance,” and “i’m the most ridiculous belly dancer ever.”  Reminded myself that really none of that matters.  And just enjoyed doing what it as well as i could.


Then i went out last night with MP to watch the game -yes, the football game, which is pretty meaningless to me because I don’t watch football and don’t appreciate the commercials and we left at half-time.  This morning, it occurred to me that just being there was still supporting the NFL  Drat, that was not my intention.  Sigh.

i also drank about 3 glasses of wine and ate more than i needed to, so let’s hope i can do better today.

Where is my spanking when i need it?

No, i’m no closer to that goal – receiving some expert spanking – than i was months ago, or not much closer.  Well, maybe an inch or two closer, but more on that another time.  The only thing stopping me at this point is me.

I am, however, feeling more like Hecate every day.  So that’s kinda cool



13 thoughts on “When I’m Sixty-Two…

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Fondles! Lol at your hashtag… And yeah, i do enjoy it. I used to do it all the time, I have a bunch of scarves and such tucked away in my closet.


  1. When I was married to Marital Partner #2, we would go to a Lebanese restaurant and watch the dancers every Friday or Saturday night. It is a fantastic skill and incredibly beautiful. Keep at it. Do it for you. Just you.

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    • Lol, the crone, of course! But you know that I always associate myself with her, because she is connected with journeys and accompanying travelers, especiatlly when the journey is into the dark parts of our psyche!
      Thanks!! 🙂


  2. I love you at 61 and 62 and 84 and i don’t care if you can shimmy…i only care if you’re content. I’m all about being in the moment these days…feeling the finite in my own lifespan. Not that I’m thinking it will happen tomorrow, mind you!

    Sending hugs and commiserating in the need to be spanked…


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    • Thanks, Nilla – I appreciate that and feel the same about you – as you know!! Yay for being in the moment – I’m working on it. And you better not “be finite” anytime soon!

      Hugs back to you… and hopes that soon you’ll be up for the spanking your Master will love to administer!!

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  3. Looks like we are both roughly the same age, awesome. I did belly dancing a few years ago, love it. Good exercise and fun doing it in a group.
    Hugs Lindy xx


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