At the Coffee Shop

I’m writing this from a new coffee shop – new to me, that is.  It’s a cozy, let’s-drink-tea-and-sing-Kumbaya kind of place.   Lots of wood, esoteric wall hangings and baked goods with all natural ingredients.

The first thing I notice is the couple sitting to the right of the door.  He is a middle aged man, hair beginning to gray, wearing a suit.  She is blonde – probably about the same age, but I can only see her from the back.  She is wearing blue leggings and a blue top.   He is sitting in a high backed chair.  Sitting straight, but looking comfortable, his back against the back of the chair.   He looks at ease, but serious, intent on what he’s saying.

She sits in front of him on an ottoman, scooted forward so she’s very close to him, but lower.  He is clearly above her.  His legs are crossed,  her legs are open, one on either side of his chair.  Her back is straight, and she seems very still.

I take all this in at a glance, and am suddenly quite sure he’s a Dominant.  Capital D, not just a bossy man.  I am sure that she is submissive – whether or not she’s his sub is not so clear.  I would have thought he’d want her in a skirt.

I don’t stop to stare, even though I kind of want to.  But I glance back at them as I’m ordering coffee.   He has leaned forward and they’re kissing, his hand fisted in her hair at the nape of her neck.  He’s leaning forward, but not down, so her face is upturned, stretching a bit to reach him.

I am suddenly wet with longing for those moments.

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