Y’all.  i have life changing decisions to make in three realms of my life.  I don’t have control over what options are available.  The best I can do is “If A happens, then maybe I’ll…”  or “If B, I’ll try….” and “If C happens, I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do.

Three major realms of my life.  Work, family, and and relationship.

And really, I’m doing such a piss-poor job in all of those areas right now that any change might be for the better.

Ok.  That’s all today.


8 thoughts on “Stress?

  1. I don’t know you all that well, but I think you have enough smarts to make a wise decision. Sure, these trips to the crossroads (precipice?) are always daunting. But you have the ability to take care of yourself. Good luck. Note: a decision that doesn’t mean jail time is usually a better choice.

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    • Hi, Fiercer Fondles!! I just went to look at your blog – and you know what? I know you!! But you might have known me under a different name. And it’s good to see you!! And thanks for the good wishes. 🙂


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