Love our Lurkers

Most of us start out as lurkers – i know i did!  And when i left my first comments, and got a response, when i got my first comments on my own blog, i was thrilled and anxious at the same time.  It was like having movie stars step into my home.  (And i’m still friends with those first bloggers i met!)

i love getting comments – i imagine all bloggers do.  So today, you, Gentle Reader, are invited to step out of reading mode and into commenting.  No pressure, of course.  Just a friendly invitation.

You can just say “hi.”  You can comment anonymously.  You can make up a name.  (Full disclosure:  “olivia” is not what i’m called at work.)

BDSM is not just about kinky sex.  BDSM is about connection.  So if you’re not connected somewhere with people who won’t judge you – in real life, or with your own blog, or by commenting on Other People’s Blogs – here’s your chance to step out and say a few words.  Let us begin to get to know you.



40 thoughts on “Love our Lurkers

  1. I believe I am new here. So many wonderful blogs…so little time. 🙂 I found your site from Hermione and wanted to pop in to say hello and wish you a very happy LOL day!

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  2. Hi Olivia, 🙂 This is my first time visiting your blog. It is fun to discover other bloggers, as we encourage our readers to come out to say hello. It’s nice to meet you! Wishing you Happy LOL Days! Many hugs,

    ❤ Katie

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  3. I visit regularly, and have shown my husband some of your stories and we have discussed them. I am not sure I have ever commented, though I have thought about it many times. I enjoy reading here very much, so thank you for that!


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    • Hi, Willie,
      i love the idea of you and your husband talking about my stories. i know you a little bit from your comments on other people’s blogs too and always appreciate what you have to say. Thanks for stopping by!!


  4. Less a lurker than a, “damn, I wish she’d shut up for once!”…
    but I’m here to wish you a Happy LOL Day anyhow!
    (just, you know, without hugs) ;-p


  5. It’s my first visit… maybe because you added some tags like #bdsm. If you do, I’m won’t miss your post in my reader.
    I think it’s important to support the bdsmscene community!


  6. Hello Olivia, I’m new here after finding your name on Hermiones list. Hope you have a fun LOL day. will pop back again soon.

    Hugs Lindy


  7. I can’t really call myself a lurker, since this is the first time I’ve visited, but I’m adding you to my read list – what I’ve seen so far intrigues me. Have a great day!


  8. Hi Olivia…think I found you a long time ago and then lost you. Have now found you again through Hermione and have added you to my reading list so I don’t lose you again. 😉



  9. Lurkers = number of views – (number of likes + number of commenters)

    I’ve never really thought of them as lurkers. I like it. I’ll have to check out the rest of your site. Sounds interesting.

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