Sharing stories

Sometimes i share things here just because it’s something i wouldn’t talk about anywhere else.  For example:

CN:  Dental issues

Wednesday night, i cracked a tooth.  Ok, it might be a crown, but in any case, it cracked. It didn’t come out or anything, it just cracked and any pressure on it feels like it is going to finish falling apart and that would be bad.  So you might think that i called the dentist and took off work Thursday to take care of it.

But no.  i did not do that.  i needed to go out of town for a meeting that i didn’t think i could reschedule any time soon, the tooth wasn’t bothering me, and i figured i’d get it taken care of Friday.

Only i forgot my dentist is closed on Friday.  And i didn’t want to go to an emergency dentist because they cost a fortune.  So i decided it could wait til Monday – only my dentist couldn’t actually get me in on Monday, so here it is Tuesday, and i finally have an appointment this morning.

But in the meantime, i’ve been limited to soft, easy to chew, non-crunchy food.  There’s still no pain, i just have to eat really slowly and carefully.  Even as i write this, i’m waiting for some cereal to get soggy.  (It’s Quaker Oat Squares, and i’m wondering if they’ll ever lose their crunch.)

It’s been interesting.  Apparently, i can be satisfied with much less food than i had thought and still feel good.  Apparently, when i eat slowly and carefully, i appreciate my food more.  It is, after all, a version of eating mindfully.  And apparently if i eat less – wait for it – drum roll –  i actually lose weight!!

Two or three pounds so far.


So there’s the silver lining to the cracked tooth or crown.  The real question is whether i can maintain the pattern, even to some extent, once my tooth is fixed. Right now, it seems easy, but once i am able to enjoy the crunch of Doritos again?  Can i sustain this life change?

Who knows?  Only time will tell…  Stay tuned as our heroine faces new challenges every day…

(P.S. Apparently Quaker Oat Squares actually never completely lose their crunch.  How can that be???)

4 thoughts on “Sharing stories

  1. How can that be? You absolutely don’t want to know. Some horrid additives.

    I was thinking that you were unknowingly practicing eating mindfulness. ..I did that once for a week at a seminar I was attending–so hard.!!! Good on you if you can sustain! Hoping that you’re tooth is all better.

    Hugs. ..


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    • Yep, some awful additives. And yeah, I am practicing the mindful eating thing. Very cool. My tooth is ok now, so I, too, am hoping I can sustain it!! ❤ Thanks for commenting!!


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