At the Grocery

i’m in line at the grocery – in front of me is an ordinary looking woman, brown hair, wearing jeans, maybe in her mid-thirties.  The cashier is a tall black man whose accent suggests he may be from Africa – or somewhere rather than the US.

i tell you these things merely to set the stage – it could have been any woman and any cashier.

i’m putting my groceries on the conveyor, barely half listening to them.  The cashier says something, a question, the woman replies, “Oh, did you say – what is this for?  It’s – well, it’s ginger.” Something in her voice makes me glance up as she goes on, “It’s, well I use it for ginger ale, I – you know – I make my own.  With, you know, seltzer water.”

And i am catapulted back into time – that time i was tasked with buying a cucumber – such an innocent vegetable – and the anxiety i enjoyed around it.  Feeling convinced that the cashier and anyone in line with me would know this was a cucumber with a nefarious destiny.  It makes me smile, standing in line at the grocery, remembering.

But what about this women in front of me – what do you think?  Does she really make her own ginger ale?  Or is there figging in her future?

We’ll never know…



6 thoughts on “At the Grocery

  1. i am going with figging. That was the elaboration of a bad liar. The truth is generally more simple and includes a lot less, “well, um, you know” and her verbal blushing was on display. i hope she reads here. Heh. Don’t worry, new fig sister, we all have a vegetable or inappropriate use of innocent item (tiger balm, anyone else?) stories.


    • Yeah, i had the same thought, jade. That would be too cool if she were reading here, wouldn’t it? But, um, what’s this about tiger balm? i will go google it now, but think i need to hear more…

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