A Time i made a good choice

Having lived a long time means i’ve had ample opportunity to make all kinds of choices – and from a  non-judgmental framework, labeling them “good” or “bad” isn’t helpful unless we define what we mean by that.  Some choices that seem “good” at the time lead to pathways that we may regret over time – other choices that may not have seemed wise or that involved significant risk may turn out to be life altering in ways that we deeply appreciate.

One choice i made has been life altering in ways that i probably don’t even recognize myself.  In May, 2010, i started my first BDSM -sex blog.  i had no idea what joy that would bring me.

The community of kinky folks i’ve met in the cyber world – some of whom have become real life friends.  The opportunity to explore my own thoughts and feelings in great depth – with other people who listen without judging.  The opportunity to develop my writing skills.  The chance to grow in understanding of myself and others beyond what i ever imagined.

This is my third blog – the third BDSM one, i have a some vanilla blogs too, but i post on them much less frequently.  My first kink blog was more exciting, and more “successful” in some ways, but this blog is no less valuable for me.

And i appreciate you all so much – whether you’re someone i’ve known from my blogging beginning, or whether we just met – you make my life richer and more satisfying.  Thank you for that!

i’m so glad that i made the choice to start blogging.  It has turned out to be wonderfully life changing and life affirming.

12 thoughts on “A Time i made a good choice

    • It has been that long! Amazing, isn’t it? Sometimes it feels like just yesterday, and sometimes it feels like lifetimes ago.

      I am super glad that you’ve been part of my journey – i can’t imagine it without you. We’ve both been through some changes, haven’t we? i love you, my friend. ❤

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