Something to share

This seems like an enigmatic prompt – do they mean the post is something to share?  That i share something i don’t usually talk about in the post?  Or  does it mean the post is about something that you share, or would like to share irl?

But ultimately it’s up to me to decide what it means – my blog, my post.

So i will share this tidbit of information, for what it’s worth.  When i was dithering about what to wear to lunch with RS (quite pointlessly, as it turns out) Sexy submissive princess suggested a butt plug.

So, i’ve done lots of things – i’ve been suspended from ropes, i’ve had fires started on my naked body, i’ve been tied to a St. Andrews cross, half-naked in public, and flogged.  But i’ve never used a butt plug.

Nope, never.

i’m not an anal virgin, and i do have some issues around that kind of sex, but still.  You would think i would have done the butt plug thing with someone at some point.  Or maybe you wouldn’t think that, maybe i just think it.  In either case, there it is.

Now here’s another “share”

“When we suffer in silence, we think that we are alone, different, separate. When we share our stories of suffering, we find that we are the same.”

Vironika Tugaleva

and isn’t that part of what blogging does?   Let us see how alike we are, underneath all the superficial show of differences.  We are very much the same – and each unique.



7 thoughts on “Something to share

  1. I am a recent user of butt plugs…and at first was not thrilled to join the club. It does keep my focused on the submissive side of me…and I not longer groan when it is plug time. I love that quote and you are soo much in common, yet each of us unique.
    hugs abby

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    • I know – I’ve been reading about that on your blog!! I imagine it would keep you focused on submission and I’m glad it’s maybe not as difficult as it was at first.

      I’m glad you liked the quote!!


  2. I'm not a fan of the butt plug. I have the most amazing orgasms during anal sex but is it my favorite? Nope. I thought it was because I was old but now, thanks to that amazing sharing quote, I know I am not alone. 😀


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