My favorite meal

My favorite meal is a summertime meal, when local veggies are fresh.  It’s simple – green beans, boiled just about 15 minutes, so they’re still al dente, but not crunchy, with a bit of olive oil and powdered garlic.  Sliced ripe tomatoes, also with olive oil drizzled over them, sprinkled with fresh basil.  Corn – either on the cob or off, but fresh, with a bit of butter and salt.   A small loaf of whole wheat bread, warm and sliced thick.  For dessert, fresh fruit – maybe strawberries and blueberries.

It’s a pretty meal – colorful, with lots of different shapes and textures.  Easy to fix.  And delicious.

In other news, there is no news.  Sigh…  i am semi-resigned to waiting until we move and going to events then.  Maybe it would be better to meet someone in person.  Or at least go to a play party and maybe get someone to play with me.

That prospect actually feels a bit dismal, but i’m a patient girl, i guess i can wait a bit longer.  i’ve got plenty to keep me busy in the vanilla world anyhow.  We’re going to MP’s high school reunion this coming weekend and i don’t have time to lose 30 pounds first and i don’t have anything to wear.  Sigh…

Ok, that’s ok, it will all work out.  This is to remind me that even if i’m on my own, i don’t have to be mundane all the time:




2 thoughts on “My favorite meal

  1. That sounds like such a yummy meal.

    Just remember that everything happens for a reason and I’ve come to live by the motto “expect nothing but appreciate everything”.

    I hope you enjoy the reunion.


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