Advice to ignore

i would suggest you ignore advice that goes against your values or deeply held beliefs.  That’s not to say you shouldn’t be open to examining your values,and even deeply held beliefs can be open to change.  But ultimately if someone is telling you to do something that goes against your deepest sense of what’s right, i think that’s advice to ignore.

Whether or not to obey a Master who tells you to do something that goes against your deepest values is, i guess, another question.  But it’s on a continuum, right?  i mean, i think we agree that if my Master told me to do something to harm a child, i wouldn’t do it.  i think the most devoted of slaves wouldn’t do that.

But even if we accept that 100%, look out for the gray area we’re about to walk into.  Because actually, lots of people hurt their children, or allow them to be hurt by others, because someone else is guiding them that way. But then maybe it’s not against their values?

Ok, sorry, no, let me walk back from that path.  Let’s take another approach.  Or better yet, change the subject.  Yep.  Let’s just say that advice to ignore is advice that goes against your personal values.

Now.  On another note…

We’ve suggested – well, MP has suggested, in an email invitation – lunch with RS on Saturday.  We haven’t heard back from RS yet. i have nothing to wear.

And i need to be spanked.  Seriously.  Like in one of Case Wintermute’s spanking stories.  A good, hard spanking.  Sigh…






11 thoughts on “Advice to ignore

  1. I agree with your advice….and I also think that a Master should be caring enough to hear you out, should you for any reason want to discuss a rule or command. It may not always turn out the way you want, but there should be room for discussion….Hope you get that spanking SOON!
    hugs abby

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  2. Part of the huge trust is knowing that your Master will not ask you to do things you morally are opposed to. And if he does, maybe release should be thought about.
    In the other news, a dress with no panties. A butt plug will make you more alert and open to a sexual connection. Maybe you can get the spanking right before you go. A nice warm bottom would keep you focused. 🙂

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    • Yes, absolutely, sexy submissive. Which is what i started out to say – don’t do things that are against your own values, even if your Master says too. Then, because i’m a contrary kind of person, i thought, well, what if your values are that you’re a racist and your master tells you not to do something racist? And it was downhill from there…

      Ok. Butt plug. i’ve never actually used a butt plug. i know, i know, it’s like kink 101. So maybe not this week. The spanking would be nice though. i have a feeling i’ll be wearing panties – and be asked to take them off at some point, but that’s just a guess… Thanks for the suggestions!! Oh, and for reading and commenting!!

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  3. I’m new here but I felt i needed to say this …. regardless of our dynamic/life style etc., we are all adults, and at the end of the day the responsibility for our actions is ultimately ours. Someone, anyone, asking something of us that is outside of our core morals and values is not someone to be followed …
    I’m not sure what brought about your post, but it sounds concerning at the very least! Sorry ….


    • No, sorry – it’s from a series of prompts and I just took a strange path with it. It doesn’t have anything to do with me, and really not even with M/s. Of course we’re all responsible for our own actions.

      In my job, i sometimes work with people who have had some horrible childhoods. i just slipped into thinking about parents who are abusive, or who allow their kids to be abused, which is a whole different topic.

      Anyhow, of course you’re right, and thanks for commenting.

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      • Whew! Glad to hear it then …. I too have worked with kids/people from all sorts of not so nice backgrounds, I happen to be one of those people myself, I guess that’s why I needed to comment.
        Thank you for your answer and clearing it up! 🙂

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  4. Have you been reading or watching the news? I am guessing yes. I made that mistake and now am deeply traumatized.

    If a sub is not rock solid in their belief and know that a dominant would not ask them to do something that is contrary to their values then they shouldn’t enter into a M/s relationship with that Dominant in the first place. You would never hand over the keys to your car and the password to your bank account to someone you barely know. Why do so many subs think it is okay to hand over all their power to a “Master” they barely know? It’s just common sense and self preservation to know someones character BEFORE you make those kinds of decisions.

    I know that might sound judgemental to some but take it from someone who has experienced powerlessness, when you have the power, us it. Be smart Subs.

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    • No, um was there something on the news that relates to this? i mean, there always is, isn’t there? Really i just got to thinking about non-protective parents and parents who choose abusive boyfriends -or girlfriends, i guess – over their children. i was thinking that we’re aware of the power exchange in a M/s relationship, even if people choose poorly sometimes, and the advice you give here is absolutely right, of course. But in vanilla relationships, parents sometimes give their power to the other partner without it even being M/s and that’s a huge mistake too.

      Anyhow. You’re so right. i hope the right people read this and heed your words!!


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