My first memory of one friend

At first, i thought this was supposed to be my first memory of having a friend – like the first friend i remember having.  i’m kind of glad it’s not that, since that would have been a really mundane story of climbing trees and sharing secrets as a child.  Sweet, but not very exciting.

Instead, i look back to my first memory of MP.  i met him on Collar Me.  i contacted him, which was unusual for me.  He had only been on the site for a little while, and had already backed off and was about to quit using it.

i remember being attracted to his sense of himself – to his ability to stand certainly on who he is.  Gentle, but unyielding in some ways.  He has his own rhythm and travels at his own pace.  He’s a sweet man.

The first time we met, he gave me very specific instructions about where to be and how to wait for him.  It was a public place, so they weren’t outrageous instructions, mostly just exactly where to sit.  What time to arrive.  It was hot outside.  i was wearing a little black dress.  He wore a suit.

i remember watching him walk toward me and the excitement bubbling up inside me.  That moment, frozen in my head.  Poised on the edge of my future…


Thanks for the encouragement to schedule lunch with RS – i think we’re gonna do it. We’re going to see if he can do it this Saturday.  Shrug – nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

And on starting and finishing – here’s a little bit different thought.  i have a mindfulness app that has a bunch of mindfulness exercises on it.  One of them is to use while doing chores.  It directs you to focus on starting and finishing parts of the chore – movements, for example.

So folding sheets, i start by putting my hands on the sheet and finding the corners, then bringing the corners together is finishing that small step, sliding my hands down the sheet, starting to find the other corners, bringing them together is another starting and finishing… and so on.

Interesting perspective, right?  Not what i had in mind, but still interesting.

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