What encourages me

i’m encouraged by the potential for change.

People change their minds, change their habits, change their path.  For years in my job i’ve watched people change.

Most of us don’t like to change.  But given enough misery in our current situation and enough support for making it different, we can change.  There’s tremendous hope in knowing that.

As i begin making some fairly big life changes, i find that i’m enjoying the process – so far, anyhow.  And that there are lots of minor changes happening along the way.

In other news, there is still no response from RS.  Shrug.  Channeling my inner Doris Day, “Que sera, sera…”




11 thoughts on “What encourages me

  1. Life is nothing but changes, isn’t it? Often, wonderful things come from it…sometimes not so much wonderful, but boyo, those ‘non-wonderful’ events trigger some major growth…(I keep reminding myself of that when I want to scream… 😀 ).

    As to your ghost…if you don’t have the courtesy to respond to someone, fuck ’em. (with apologies to Jz for the cussin’!) I don’t care if you’re a dominant or a sub, when you’re setting up a meet with a new person and you blow them off or won’t respond until MUCH later? That’s bad manners and a bad precedent, don’t you think? If you can’t manage the basics of interpersonal relationships, Mr. Dominant, how can a submissive trust you to not be a total asshat? Maybe that’s too harsh…*shrugs*…but life is too short to sit around waiting for rude people. (I say this, all the while realizing that most of this is out of your control, and firmly in your Dom’s hands…!)

    Love and hugs,


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    • Well. Good point, Ms.’Nilla. We delayed a while before we responded this time though, mostly because i was all angsty about it, and – yeah. Sigh. It’s about 36 hours now. If he hasn’t responded by tonight, i guess we should be done. And you know MP will want to hear my input on that.

      love and hugs back to you. ❤

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  2. I agree with Nilla 100%… Sorry- brand new here, enjoying your thoughts. Pure. Real, and truth are what I see when I read your posts. Why settle for anything that doesn’t reflect that?

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  3. Change can be good. And I can certainly relate to your statement “given enough misery in our current situation and enough support for making it different, we can change”, as I go through my divorce with the support of my Sir and a good friend. If not for them I would probably have stayed in a broken situation that couldn’t be fixed.

    I hope the change you’re going through is for the best also.

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  4. You know, I almost commented in the last post that I voted to change his name to Hot Air… but then I said, “Now, Jz… give the man a chance…”
    Too Late Now!!
    Hot Air he is.
    *nod, nod*

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