i imagine (14)

{If you’re just starting to read now, here’s the beginning of this story.  After that beginning, it’s all “i imagine” by the numbers.}

By the time Sir Martin leads me back to my room, i am trembling with longing, wanting more of his caresses, wanting to kneel at his feet again, and wanting to be allowed to caress him with my mouth again.  But i’m feeling subdued enough not to expect any such pleasure.  i know i have some punishment coming, and i am swimming in submission.  i can feel the creamy wetness between my thighs,  tangible proof of how much i love this.

In my room, he gestures, and i kneel at his feet.

“I’m punishing you for lack of attention,” he says.  “For being focused on yourself rather than paying attention to what’s around you.  For not being mindful.  Do you agree to accept this punishment – not begrudgingly, but willingly?”

“Yes, Sir,” i say.

“With gratitude?” he says, and i think i hear a note of laughter in his voice.

Glancing up, i smile at him, “Yes, Sir, with gratitude.”

He nods and goes to the closet.  He returns with a butt plug and nipple clamps, a bottle of lube.  “Head down, ass up,” he says.

The lube is cold, and the butt plug feels huge, i try to relax my muscles, but he pushes unrelentingly, not waiting for me to ease into it.  It has been some time since this hole has been used, and “Open,” he says, sternly, “Push back into it, don’t pull away.” and i do, i mange to open and breathe into it, and the plug slides in, it’s the larger one and not comfortable, i feel full and stretched, uncomfortable, and i know this is what he wants.

He helps me stand.

i am barefoot now, still naked, plugged, and i see the clamps in his hand and almost whimper, those are so painful.  He tugs on my nipples, which sends a line of heat straight to my pussy, i move my hips, which moves the plug, making me wish i had held still.

He tightens the clamp on my right nipple, i toss my head from side to side, it hurts so bad, my hands move as if i would touch it, as if i would pull it off, but he sees the movement and catches my hands, pulls them behind me roughly, attaching the cuffs to each other.  “Better,” he says only it’s not better it hurts more for me and he attaches the other one and the pain is just there and all through me, and my cunt is throbbing with desire.

He leads me to the corner, plants me firmly in the corner, “Attention,” he says, “Pay attention to what you’re feeling, and if your mind wanders, i’ll be here to remind you.”

He walks away from me, i can feel him walk away, but i can’t see what he’s doing and i don’t dare turn my head and really i can’t think anyhow, the pain in my nipples is settling to a dull throb and time passes, i wait and wait and wait, til finally i hear a bell ring, and he is behind me again.

“Turn,” he says, turning my body as he says it, and i’m whimpering as he touches the nipple clamps, unfastens them and the blood rushes back into the numbness, and i cry out.  “We’ll just wait a couple of minutes,” he says, “Then I’ll put them on again.”

“Sir,” i say, pleading, and he smiles, kisses me on the lips, deeply penetrating my mouth with his tongue, fucking me with his tongue.  Pulling back, he smiles at me, “Thank you, Sir?” he says, “Is that what you meant to say?”

i almost laugh myself, “Yes, Sir, that’s what i meant,” and then he is putting the clamps back on and i can’t think anymore.  “Second round,” he says,  unfastening the cuffs, “Hands on the wall, I want you on your toes this time.  Pay attention.  Come off your toes, and I’ll use this switch on your ass.”

It’s a switch from the birch tree, i picked it myself the last time i was here, and let it soak in water til it was supple.  It’s dry again now, as i discover when he caresses my thighs with it, tapping the inside of my thighs, prompting me to open my legs.

Being on my toes tightens my ass, makes the butt plug lodged inside me more uncomfortable and my legs ache too, and i think it makes the clamps hurt more and i stand it for a while and then i can’t hold it, my heels come down, and the switch slashes across my ass and i cry out and go back up on my toes – which makes the butt plug more uncomfortable, and if my poor nipples were becoming numb, the movement jostles them into hurting more and there is a moment of almost relief as i stand still again, until the strain of standing on my toes moves into my calves and my heels come down, and the switch slashes the back of my thighs and i cry out again.  We repeat that a couple of times, then the bell rings again and he says, “Turn,” and i feel his hands at my waist turning me and tears are running down my cheeks as he removes the clamps again.

This time he brushes his thumb over my tears, and licks them from his thumb.  “This is hard,” he says.  “But your tears are mine, salty, the taste of submission.”

“This time, I’ll gag you, and I’m going to switch you more, I think it will keep you more present.”  He shows me the gag, it is shaped like a cock and fits my mouth securely, but i can suck on it, and i realize this is a kindness.

The clamps go back on and i moan around the plastic cock, barely aware that tears already flow down my cheeks.   Again, i’m turned to the wall, instructed to stand on my toes, but, he adds, “This time I’ll switch you even when you stay on your toes.”  And he does.

He switches me slowly, leaving time in between for the pain to blossom; he switches me not as hard as he could, but hard enough to keep me focused, not knowing when the next blow will land, warned only by the hiss of the switch as he swings it…

Overwhelmed with sensation, sobbing with barely a sound, i struggle to stay on my toes and to hold still as the switch raises welts across my ass and thighs.  When i move, the clamps jiggle and the pain shoots through my nipples, perversely making my pussy wetter and more aroused, while my asshole tightens around the plug reminding me of how filled i am.  And tears flow.

At last, after a lifetime, the bell rings, and he turns me.  Takes the nipple clamps off, and then the gag, while i am still reeling from pain, gasps and whimpers escaping me and he kisses my mouth as if the sounds of pain were for his pleasure, and really, they are.

He has me kneel again, head down, as he removes the butt plug, and i whimper with relief as it comes out, but then a sense of emptiness and loss overwhelms me, so that i almost, but not quite, want it back again.

“Kneel up,” he says and i do.  He pulls the desk chair over and sits in front of me, letting me drape myself over his legs.  i rub myself against him, while he strokes my back and my hair.

“Thank me,” he says.

i raise my face, tear-stained, sniffling, “Thank you, Sir,” i say, and again, i mean it.  He pulls me closer, kisses the top of my head.


4 thoughts on “i imagine (14)

  1. This story made me think of how i am constantly filtering everything through Sir Raven and her experiences, wants, needs, likes. It affects every choice i make, all day, every day. So its unsettling, for me, when i focus on myself and don’t know what to do with those feelings-how to get them out. i don’t know if that makes sense or not. Even when i’m angry-maybe especially so-i focus in tightly on her, to serve her a hot meal she will enjoy, have the house extra nice, wear something unexpected that she likes to see me in (all today).


    • Hey, Lovely jade, that does make sense. i don’t know how it works in M/s really – it seems to me that not being encouraged to focus on yourself too would just be bad for you after a while. But i hear what you’re saying. You’re a good slave to her.

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