Collar Me

If you’re not familiar with CollarMe, it’s one of the dating sites for kinky people.  Unlike fetlife, you often get lots of immediate responses to your profile – but the profile usually explicitly says you’re seeking some kind of relationship.

i met MP through CollarMe about 5 years ago, and took my profile down after we got involved.  A couple of years ago, he had me set up a profile looking for submissive friends, i don’t really know why, and we never did anything with it.  Occasionally, some random person would send me a spam-y message, but that was so long ago, i’d almost forgotten about it.

Until Monday evening.  Monday evening, i got a notification that i had a new message on CollarMe.

i found my password, and went to the site. The message was from a 60 year old Dominant and said, “Does your Master share u?”  And i thought, weird.  i looked at his profile, and it looked kind of interesting.  So i answered him.  i said, “My master doesn’t really use me anymore.  It’s complicated.  And i logged back out.

A little while later, i get a different message, and this one says, “I would only talk to you with your Master’s permission.”  i have no idea what to make of that.  i glance at my profile and it seems very different from what i remember – it starts with “This one is owned by Master X” and at one point it says something about “this one” needing lots of attention,” and that any responses would be monitored by her master.  i don’t know what to think about that, but i’m in the middle of writing “i imagine (15)” so i just leave a mental question mark in my head, and go back to writing.

A few minutes later, MP bursts into the kitchen, where i’m writing.  “Whatcha doing?” he asks, walking behind me to look at my screen.

“Nothing really,” i say, minimizing the window with olivia and pulling up Facebook.  “Writing.”

“Well, I know you’ve been on CollarMe,” he says.  i’m shocked – what?

So he explains – of course my account had sat dormant – until today, when he got on there and changed the profile.  So now, my profile is popping up on the lists again, and i’m getting responses.  i’m listening, still confused.

MP says that he liked the message from the guy saying he would only talk to me with permission from my master, that he thought that was respectful.  He says that my response to the one Dom is ok, that it was also respectful, and he appreciates that, but that he’s changed the password so that i can’t access the account anymore.

i’m a little baffled, but intrigued.  Then he says that he’s looking for someone to share me with.  That if i need to look somewhere else for my need for D/s, he’s going to be involved in that.

i’m shocked, totally taken by surprise. But he reminds me that he and his last wife had shared experiences with others, even though it ended badly, he doesn’t really have a problem with that.

There are rules.

MP is the Dominant, he’s going to be in charge of this.  The person is going to be “his friend” first – he’s going to find them.  He’s going to be present.  We’ll meet them in a public place.  We’ll play in a motel room, away from the house.   i am not to contact them without his knowledge.

Those kind of rules.

i just kept giggling, i couldn’t believe he was serious.

But he is.

And we might get to go to some events too.  Maybe out of town.

And he ordered me a magic wand.  A real one.  It’ll be here Wednesday.

Gives new meaning to the whole, “Ask and ye shall receive?” thing doesn’t it?  i am still in a “can’t quite believe it” phase, but it’s really happening – we really had this conversation –  so who knows what comes next?



23 thoughts on “Collar Me

  1. I am so happy for you! I have followed you blog for quite a long while now. I find we have much in common and I really enjoy reading what you write. I rarely comment but today’s turn of events was so unexpected I just had to pop on and say congratulations! You are an amazing person and you give hope to others everywhere. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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    • Thanks so much for commenting!! i’m glad you enjoy my writing, and really appreciate you sharing my celebratory mood today. i waited a day to post this because i was almost afraid it wasn’t real, but now that we’ve started down this road, i don’t think we’ll turn back.

      Thank you so much for reading – and for sharing your thoughts!!


  2. Every time i think about this post, i start grinning again. i’m walking down the streets of the Bronx, my head full of Nina Simone singing, “Birds in the sky, you know how I feel. It’s a new dawn, its a new day, its a new life for me,” and smiling. Thinking about you, and the endless possibilities. i could absolutely hug him right now. Just ‘little girl who just got a puppy’ energy and loads of hugs for him. You woke him up. Thank God, because i know he is a wonderful partner for you in so many ways, and he is the Grandfather to your grandchildren as well. Maybe love does win sometimes. i sure hope so. 😀


    • Thanks, Jade, i really appreciate that!! I know you’ve been around for a long time, walking this path with me, and i love your enthusiasm. i’m feeling pretty much the same way. 🙂

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  3. YESSS!!!!! Yes. I’m grinning like a fool over here. I am over the moon for you Olivia!

    Damn. Now that he’s woken up there’s no toe dipping in the shallow end for that one is there?

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    • Thanks, monkey!! It’s so nice to know you’re celebrating with me.

      And you’re right – lol, there’s nothing timid about him once he gets started. 🙂 i knew there was a reason i loved him!! (Ok, more than one.)



    • That’s an interesting question. i think it depends on what you mean by “have.” And what you mean by “common.” Lol – but seriously, i mean, what Dom would have time to really dominate many submissives? Unless it was some kind of poly household, but then that’s a different thing. i don’t know. i might share your questions, it’s pretty interesting.

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      • Share the question… I”d be honored. I could be way off base; however, one of the things I have come to know about ‘most’ D/s relationships is that there is one D and one s; however, I know there are always variations, yet, I respect how open it appears people are. There is nothing to hide, I like this or I do not like that… I think all too often those not into D/s are uncomfortable expressing their deepest desires…I do not want to make blanket statements OR convey D/s as some exhibit; however, I am in awe of how free I have felt since meeting Him. We are about 1.5 months into the whole I know you – you know me soiree and it has been wonderful; however, I also love my blog and interacting with others. I seek knowledge from you, your readers etc. as I am quite new to ‘The Lifestyle”.


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