i imagine (13)

{If you’re just starting to read now, here’s the beginning of this story.  After that beginning, it’s all “i imagine” by the numbers.}

He leans forward, stokes her hair, kisses the top of her head.  i want to die.

“I would make you cum,” he says – to her – “but your Sir tells me you’re not allowed to orgasm tonight, so I’ll just send you back to him.”  He turns to Sir Bryan, who’s been half watching this scene unfold.

“Thanks so much for letting me use her,” Sir Martin says.  “She did a really nice job.

i quit listening as Sir Bryan comments on Penny, and Sir Martin responds and blah, blah, blah.  Pouty, that’s what i am, and it’s all his fault too.  i don’t think i can do this, if he thinks it’s good for me to be hurt like this – this isn’t ok, this isn’t what i wanted, this is — his hand on my collar –

oh, shit, a punishment token, and what – what’s he saying?

“Pay attention.”

Oh.  Oh, no.  i haven’t been, not at all.  Quickly i try to staighten out my face, kneeling up, looking as attentive as i can.  He laughs.

“Good try, little one,” he says.  “Too late.  Did you think I couldn’t feel you over there being miserable and pouting and thinking hateful thoughts?  Did you think I wouldn’t notice?”

When he puts it like that, i feel ridiculous, of course he knows, how could i be so foolish?

“When I take you to bed tonight,” he says, “you’ll do three 5-minute sets with the nipple clamps on, in the corner, with a butt plug.  Maybe that’ll hold your attention.  Because I notice all three of your infractions have been due to not paying attention.  Or paying more attention to yourself than to what you’re supposed to be tending.  We’ll see if we can begin to correct that fault tonight.”

“Yes, Sir,” i say, and i’m already starting to feel humbled.  Less pouty.  More repentant. And a shudder runs through me, my pussy clenches.

“But now,” he says, “Come sit in front of me, here.”  And he helps me move, i’m getting a bit stiff with kneeling, he settles me so i’m on the floor, between his legs, leaning against the chair.  He arranges my legs so my knees are bent, feet flat on the floor, legs pulled close to me.  This opens my legs wide, exposing my pussy.

“Watch,” he says.   “Look at the woman on the St. Andrews Cross.  Watch how she moves every time the whip lands on her ass.  You can almost see the welts it makes.”

i swallow hard, it is turning me on even more, watching the things going on in the room.  “Look at the people over there on the bean bag chairs,” he says.  “Watch.”  There are three of them, two women and a man, and they are touching and kissing each other.  One woman on each side of the man, they are stroking him and i can see one of them licking his nipples.

My cunt is throbbing, i squirm a bit.

Sir Martin says, “Turns you on, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, Sir,” i say.

“But you didn’t much like it when Penny was pleasing me, did you?”  His voice is light, but i know i’m in dangerous territory now.

“i – i think i must have been a bit jealous, Sir,” i say.  And looking for more honesty, i add, “i wanted to please you.”

“Yes.  You wanted to be the one to please me with your mouth.”

His words cut through me, i suddenly realize what i’ve done.  “Sir -” i start, but the words won’t come, i don’t know what to say.  His voice is gentle, “You didn’t want me to have pleasure, didn’t want me to be pleased, you wanted yourself to have the pleasure of giving me pleasure.  Not the same thing at all”

He’s right.  He’s right.  Remorse, then shame, rolling through me.  i try to close my legs, i think i’m going to get up, but he puts an arm across my chest, pins me to the chair.  “Don’t run from it,” he says.  “Just own it.  Breathe.  Breathe now.  And don’t close your legs.  Don’t even think about it. I own you. Right now, you belong to me.  And I want you right where you are.”

“Yes, Sir,” i gasp, it’s really all i can say, i’m about to cry again,  so i choke a bit on the next “yes, Sir.”

“It’s ok,” he says.  “I’m going to punish you pretty harshly, I think that will help you feel better.  And we’ll talk about it some more when we go to your room.  But right now I want to correct you for that urge you had to close your legs.  Put one arm around each leg, you’re going to hold them open for me.  That’s it, wrap this arm around your right leg, yes, your left arm around your left leg.  There.  Keep them right there.”

i hear movement behind me, i don’t know  what he’s doing, i feel scared and excited.  i want him to punish me, and i don’t want him to.

It’s a ruler, he leans forward and it’s a ruler in his hand, a lightweight one, i think it will be more sting than thud.  He caresses the inside of my thighs with it.  i watch it move over me slowly, tracing its way up my thigh to my poor pussy, so naked and so exposed. He strokes me with it – gently – almost tenderly, uses it to part my lips, which are slick and wet.

He strokes me with it for a long time.  My belly, my breasts, taps my nipples, but always brings it back to my inner thighs.  “I’m going to give you ten on each side, right here on your inner thighs,” stroking lightly, caressing where he is about to strike, “and five on your pussy, right here,” and he marks an x on the top of my mound.

i am trembling.  This is going to hurt.  And he’s still caressing me with the light ruler, which is turning me on so much i can’t stand it.

“Just make sure you hold your legs open, and follow directions,” he says.  ‘Try to close your legs, or don’t do what i tell you, and we’ll start over. Clear?”

“Yes, Sir,” i say.  i think, at least he can’t put too much power behind it from where we’re sitting.  But he leans over, and i realize i’m wrong.  He brings the ruler down a couple of times, stopping just short of my thigh.  It swishes, and i cringe although he has not touched me.

He laughs.  “I haven’t even touched you yet!  That’s two extra.  I’m going to give you ten on each side, then start over for any extras.  We’ll end with the ones on your cunt.”

And quickly, while i am not quite expecting it, he swings again.  i feel it land, sharp, it takes a second to sink in, it stings. i bite my lip.

He lands another on the same thigh.  “Who do you belong to?” he asks.

“You, Sir.”

The third, fourth and fifth fall in rapid succession, landing over each other, the sting building with each one.  i squirm.  He pauses long enough to ask, “Who tells you when you can close your legs?”

“You do, Sir.  You do.”

He is still on the same thigh, six, seven and eight – the pain was mild in the beginning, but is intense now, he pauses again.  i am struggling to hold still, making sure my legs stay wide open.

He waits, letting the pain run through me.  “Who owns you?” he says.

“You do, Sir, you do.”  i am tossing my head from side to side, still trying to absorb the pain.

The next two land quickly, making me gasp and whimper.

He shifts his weight to focus on the other side of me and the ruler lightly caresses my other thigh.  i shudder, knowing how much pain i’m about to feel.

“You’re fighting it,” he says.  “Can you open to it?”

“i’m trying,” i respond, through clenched teeth.

“Let’s try this,” he says.  “Raise your ass up, yes like that, lift your ass so your pussy is up – yes.”

My head and part of my shoulders are leaning back on him, feet on the ground, my pussy raised high.  My eyes are on the ceiling so i hear the ruler, the swish, but don’t see it as he brings it down on my cunt, landing full on the top of it.  He strikes again quickly, before i have registered the pain. Then twice more, brings it down hard twice again, marking me in a double X over the first two marks.

“Keep it up, right there,” he says, and he makes a third X, and i think there will be welts, the pain is almost overwhelming me, and “keep offering,” he says, as he goes back to the thigh that he has not yet marked.  “Stay right there,” he says, as he begins to strike my other thigh.  Slower, more rhythmically, letting the pain settle and build, he lands 5 on this thigh.

i’m whimpering, but i have quit fighting it, i’ve relaxed into the pain, and i know i can take more if he wants me too, the burning is not so bad now, i can still feel the heat and i think there are welts, but i have started offering myself, and i think i can take whatever he does.

“Five more,” he says,  and he lets me settle into position with my butt on the ground again.  i feel them land, but i am relaxed into the pain, i moan but am not struggling to escape.  i want him to fuck me.

“Two extra, but i want them on the back of your thighs.  Turn please, head down, ass up.”

i’m a bit disoriented, it takes me a minute to register what he wants, and he helps me figure out how to do it.  When i’m arranged to his satisfaction, so that i’m offering him the backs of my thighs, he pauses to stroke my ass.

“I haven’t forgotten,” he says, “That I promised you a comfort spanking, and you’ll have it later.”  His fingers slide between my legs, my cunt is hot and wet.  He penetrates me with one finger, then two.  i tremble with pleasure, moan.

He slides his fingers over my clit, “It would be so easy to make you cum,” he says and i say, “Yes, Sir?” hopefully, but he laughs.  “Not now.  Probably not tonight.  Maybe tomorrow if you’re a good girl.  Maybe.”

His hand caresses my thighs, and then stops, i hear the swish of the ruler, and feel the familiar burn across my upper thighs.  i moan.


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