Sunday Check-in 7-3

Just a quick note.  We’re out of town, visiting MP’s daughter and grandkids.  i was a little overwhelmed yesterday – i felt like i’d been around people way too much and i was just on overload.  i was a bit cranky, and snappy, which i don’t like.

By the end of the day, i just wanted to get out of my skin.  Or tell everyone to go away, which is not really practical when you’re in someone else’s house.   i got a little bit of down time after we got back to our hotel while he went to the store, but i really could use more.

i’m walking more and eating less, so that’s good.  i’m not actually losing weight, but whatever.

i’m really kind of proud of myself for initiating that conversation with MP.  It didn’t solve anything, and it feels like my body and spirit are pining for a spanking and that sense of slipping into submission, but i’m glad i raised the issue again.

i’ve got another post written of “i imagine” but it needs to be edited, and with grandkids and all that, i don’t know when i’ll get to it.  But soon.

If you’ve got a long weekend for the 4th of July, enjoy!!




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