Sunday Check-in 5-29

i’ve had company for several days, and enjoyed it so much.  i have not eaten well, or  exercised (although there was dancing) or meditated.  i’m shrugging it off – tomorrow is another day.

But i want to recommit to meditating, and walking more.  Part of my weekend was wasted obsessing on the possibility of some mild criticism about a work thing.   i was eventually able to just notice when i was stuck thinking about it and let it go, but it reminded me that i am not practicing ways to stay in the moment, and that it might be helpful to do that.

My kinky blog friend, ‘nilla, and i had lunch with a lovely Domme we know.  Ms. Constance is so funny, and entertained us with stories of her adventures at some kinky events.  i laughed so hard – i can’t remember laughing that much in ages.  It was a real treat.

MP took us out for dinner Thursday night.  The restaurant he picked is a local classic, and inspired him to entertain us with stories of the city, and other days gone by.  That was lovely.  He and ‘nilla are fond of each other, and it was nice for me to see them enjoying each other’s company.

Friday morning, i worked, and ‘nilla had time to do some writing over on her blog, Vanilla Mom, so if you enjoy her two latest stories, you can thank me for giving her time and space to write them.  🙂

Friday afternoon, some other friends, non-kinky type, joined us.  i’ve known Lisa since before i met my first husband, so we go way back.  Her two daughters, adults now and all grown-up, came too.  They almost always visit on Memorial Day weekend so we can go to the music festivals in our town.  Both Friday and Saturday were full of a variety of bands and types of music, lots of people watching, dancing, and other good times.

Oh, yeah, and junky food.  (Although I did have a portobello mushroom sandwich, which seems pretty healthy.)

It reminds me how dear my women friends are, and how important to my well-being.   Which then reminded me of this lovely article:  Why Women Need a Tribe.

Namaste to all my sub-sisters out there – and the Dommes too.  ❤


3 thoughts on “Sunday Check-in 5-29

  1. Yay for finding our sisters in life! When you start blogging you never think it will lead to finding heart sisters. I hope you mentioned scout master and boi over lunch with the amazing Ms C and I’m glad you were all able to meet up. Sounds to me like you were mindful mostly and practiced self care. Good for you 💙

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    • Ha, I did mention scout master (um, slutty den mother) and boi, and we chatted about that. But i’m afraid that story was a bit overshadowed by the drunken pirate story. ❤ thanks for the supportive words.

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