Training – Part III

{If you’re just now joining us, Part I is here, and Part II is here.}

i don’t know how long i kneel waiting for Sir Michael, my lover, and Sir Joseph, a virtual stranger, to finish their whiskey and tea.  It is Sir Michael who comes back to me first.  “It’s time to choose,” he says.  “Do you have any more questions first?”

i lower my eyes, i am embarrassed to ask this, but i say, “What if i change my mind?  What if i get part way through this and i can’t stand it and i really, really want to stop.”

i’m afraid he’ll be angry, but his voice is gentle.  “If you consent now, and change your mind later, you can stop it all at any time by saying, “Red.”  That’s all you have to say, and it ends immediately.  But understand, if you make that choice, you can never come back.  This is your only chance at training here.”

One more time, he asks, “Any more questions?”

i shake my head, “No, Sir.”

Sir Joseph is standing beside him now, and he says, “Well, girl, what’s it going to be?  Do you agree to put yourself completely in the care of Sir Michael and me?  To allow us to train you to be more obedient, more pleasing, and more lovely than you can imagine?”

His words make me smile, and i look up at him, and my beloved Sir.  “Yes, Sir,” i say, “i give my consent.”

They are both smiling as they help me stand, and Sir Michael unfastens my wrists, which is a great relief.  They let me roll my shoulders a bit and when they reattach the cuffs, they attach them to the rings in my collar, which is much more comfortable, although i am still unable to use my hands.

My lover kisses me, making me moan with pleasure, and he runs his hand between my legs, penetrating me easily with two fingers.  He pulls his fingers out and, to my great embarrassment, shows them to Sir Joseph, commenting on how wet i am.

They begin to examine me together then, my Sir pointing out the weight of my breasts, and the ease with which my nipples harden.  He directs me to put one foot up on a chair, allowing him to spread my lips, exposing me completely to Sir Joseph.  Sarah is watching these proceedings, which adds to my humiliation.   i do not think it can get much worse until Sir Joseph says to her that when she takes me downstairs to prepare me, she should put rouge on my nipples and cunt to highlight them.

But even while part of me is horrified, my pussy clenches and i know i am getting wetter.

Sir Joseph examines me closely, touching me as if he were examining my arm or leg rather than probing the most intimate parts of my body.  “I think we should remove the hair,” he says to Sir Michael, who is watching my face.  i open my mouth to comment, to say no, i don’t want them to do that, but Sir Michael shakes his head and i stop myself.

He steps closer to me and puts a finger to my mouth.  “No,” he says.  “There is no reason for you to speak unless you are asked a question and given permission to answer.  Your opinion doesn’t matter.  Is that clear or do i need to gag you?”

“It’s clear, Sir,” i say quickly and he nods in approval.  At that moment, Sir Joseph penetrates me deeply, making me gasp, while pressing his thumb directly on my clitoris.  His fingers are so deep inside me, his thumb hitting me just right and in seconds i think i’m going to cum.

But he laughs, says “No,” quite firmly, and removes the fingers, leaving me moaning and pressing my pussy forward as if seeking his fingers.   He laughs again, commenting to Sir Michael that i’m quite responsive.

They let me put my foot back on the floor again, but then they make me bend over and put my hands on the seat of the chair with my legs spread wide.  My lover spreads my ass cheeks so Sir Joseph can examine me there and i am sure that my humiliation is complete.  Using only the lubrication from my pussy, he penetrates my smaller entrance with a finger, pushing hard and making me cry out.

“Lots of prepping to do here,” he says, and Sir Michael agrees, noting that he’s never taken my asshole, but that he plans to do so this weekend.

Sir Joseph is continuing to fuck my asshole with his finger, and despite my initial resistance, i feel myself opening to this touch in some way i’ve never felt before. Feeling invaded, and opened, and used, and yet somehow i want to give more rather than less.  Despite myself, i begin to push my ass back against his hand, responding to his probing.  Just as i become fully comfortable, he removes the finger, once again leaving me longing for more.

“Let’s warm her ass a little,” says Sir Michael, “Just to mark her arrival.”  Sir Joseph readily agrees, and they help me stand up again, only to make me bend over the arm of the couch.  With my hands fastened in front of me, and my ass raised in the air, they have only to put a hand on my neck to hold me in place.

Sir Michael starts with his hand, and since he has only spanked me lightly before, i am soon squirming and crying out.  When Sir Joseph takes over, the blows are even harder, and i begin kicking my legs up in an effort to escape the blows.

Quickly, Sarah fastens my ankle cuffs to the legs of the couch, which spreads my legs open and secures them at the same time.  After that, there is no way to escape the blows landing on one ass cheek then the other.

When Sir Joseph tires, Sir Michael takes over again.  i am barely aware that he has asked Sarah for a switch.   i don’t know – and can’t see – that they keep a supply of switches soaking in water in this room, and she hands my Sir a sturdy birch switch.  It makes a horrible whistling as it cuts through the air, and stings dreadfully. i scream as the first one lands.

“Ten,” says Sir Joseph, “Ten from each of us,” but i am distracted by the hot welts the switch is leaving on my previously unmarked ass.

And so they continue with the switch, crossing over welts where they had struck me previously, carefully aiming it to mark me on my sit spot and the backs of my thighs, as well as my ass cheeks, until they had each given me, as they said, “ten good ones.”  As they continue, i feel myself slipping into some new place in my mind and my heart.  i no longer care about the pain, i am open and willing to receive whatever they want me to have, and my only thought is to take it.  i am crying, but i quit begging them to stop, i accept it.  My body relaxes, and i feel myself opening in ways i have not imagined.

When they’re done, they stroke me gently and call me “good girl.” They say how proud they are of me,  and i am proud of myself too.

It is only as Sarah leads me away that i realize that even at the worst, even before i was able to accept the pain, it has not even occurred to me that i could say “red” to make it stop.

2 thoughts on “Training – Part III

  1. Lovely. i remember this place, and my heart responds -dully aware, remembering how it felt to be past pain and into openness. Your writing is perfect and i so admire your ability to do this. xo


    • I’ve read this comment about 5 times over the last couple of days. Thanks so much, Jade, i’m so glad this speaks to you. i remember that place with some heartache, and suspect you do too. Thanks for the kind words. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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