Sorted Out

“What’s wrong?” he asks.

“Oh, nothing, really,” i say with a sigh.

He raises that one eyebrow, damn it, and i quickly correct myself.  “i don’t know – no, really, i’m just out of sorts.”

“Feeling bad?”

“Tired.  A little bit overwhelmed.  Just – you know. Out of sorts.”

“Sounds like you need to be sorted out,” he says, and i hear the laughter in his voice, but i know he means it too.  i can’t help smiling, even though i know i’m probably going to regret it.

“Sorted out?” i say, trying not to giggle.

“Mmmmhmmm,” he says, with that look in his eyes, and i know i’m in trouble.   “Nipple clamps.  Let’s start with nipple clamps.  Get a pair out of the drawer, please.”

“Ohhhhh – not the nipple clamps,” i say, half delighted, half-afraid.  i am poking the bear, for sure.  “How about i suck your cock instead?  That would be fun, wouldn’t it?  i think you’d like that more than nipple clamps.”

He laughs, “Yes, I think I would like that more than wearing nipple clamps, but maybe not more than watching you wear them.  That’s a lot of back talk from somebody just begging to be sorted out.  Go get the clips.  Now, if you know what’s good for you.”

i open the drawer – there are lots of different kinds of nipple clamps there.  “What kind?” i yell from the playroom.  Then i remember that i’m not supposed to yell, but it’s too late, he is right there beside me.

“These,” he says, and pulls out the Japanese clover clamps.


i shudder.  This is going to hurt.

“Why are you still wearing clothes?  Strip,” he says.  i pull my clothes off as quickly as i can – that tone of voice is all business.  When i am naked, “Pull on your nipples,” he says.  “Make them hard for me.”

My pussy clenches, and i kind of hate that it does, anything he does now is going to turn me on and i don’t know what diabolical plans he has in mind.  But i pull on my nipples, obediently, i think.  He says, “Harder than that, girl!” laughing, but not kidding.  “Do you need me to show you how?”

“No, Sir – no, that’s not necessary,” i say quickly, pulling and pinching til i moan.  But i don’t know why i bothered – i could have let him do it – it’s not like i’m going to avoid any pain here – and he attaches the clamps.  i whimper as i feel the bite.

“There,” he says, all pleased with himself, “Very pretty.  Now let’s have the butt plug.”

“Sir, the butt plug?” with just a hint of plea in my voice.   He knows i hate the butt plug – ok, that’s not true, i hate the idea of it, i hate when it first goes in, and then it pushes me into this deeply submissive place that i can’t appreciate til i’m there.

“Lube or no lube?’ and he raises that eyebrow.

“Oh!  Lube, yes please, Sir, lube.”

“Then hurry up,” he says. “I was going to let you go with the smallest one, but you clearly need the middle size.”

We have three, all purple.  Dismayed, I pull out the middle-sized one, not wanting to take a chance on him going for the largest.


i pull out the lube too, and hand them both to him.

“Down,” he says, “Yes on all fours, there you go.”  This position pulls on the nipple clamps of course, and makes me moan.  “Does that hurt?” he asks, tugging gently on the chain between them.

“Yes!!  OH!  Yes, Sir, it does, it hurts,” i gasp.

“And feels good, apparently,” he says, finger probing my pussy, which is so wet and hot.  “No, no orgasms yet,” he says, “We’re still sorting.”

i feel lube, cold between my ass cheeks, his finger maybe, inserted in my ass.  “Open,” he says.  “How much it hurts now depends on you.”  i struggle to relax, letting those muscles that want to resist go slack.  “Good girl,” he says, as he pulls out his finger and slides the butt plug in.

“Ohhhhhh,” the sound i make comes from surrendering some place deep inside myself.  i am at his mercy, both willing and helpless, sliding into full submission.  As the plug settles into place, i feel myself letting go, opening more to him, shifting my focus from my self and my own wants to being receptive and willing to please.

“Master,” i say, acknowledging who we are.

“My slave,” he says, and i hear the affection in his voice.  “Who do you belong to?”

“i belong to you, Master.”

“What do you want?’

“To please and serve you, Master.”

i hear him moving across the room, glance up as he settles himself in the Cock Worship chair.


He smiles.  “Crawl over here,” he says.  “Slowly.”

i crawl, the chain hanging from the nipple clamps sways, tugging on already tender nipples, and i am acutely aware of the butt plug filling me as it shifts inside me with each movement i make.  i am lost in sensation, my pussy hot and throbbing, as i make me way across the room.

At last i am in front of him, and “Kneel up,” he says.  This movement sends more pain through my nipples, my ass tightens on the plug and i gasp as the feeling rolls through me and i shudder – with pleasure, with pain.  He smiles, the corners of his mouth just turning up, a sadist’s smile.

He grasps one nipple clamp, “Whose nipple is this?” he asks.

“Yours, Master,” i manage to say, before he pulls the clamp off, a sudden move that takes my breath away as the blood rushes to the nipple and sensation returns.  i move as if to rub the nipple, but he shakes his head.  “Take it,” he says, “Take it for me.  For my pleasure.”

“Yes, Master,” and i am glad to do it, my pussy clenches and i shudder again.

He waits until that nipple is no longer aching before he turns his attention to the other.  “Whose nipple is this?” he asks, his face serious and intent.

“Yours, Master,” i say, mentally braced for the wave of pain.

But he pauses, “Maybe we should leave this one on a while?”  He tugs at the chain dangling from it, making me whimper and squirm.

“Whatever pleases you, Master,” i say, and there is that long pause, as he looks at me considering


and then he tugs again, pulling it off, making me cry out.

“Hands behind your back now,” he says.  “That’s it.  We’ll wait til that feeling passes.”  It is all i can do to hold still, but i manage, and at last i take a deep breath.

“How are you feeling now?” he asks.  “Still a bit out of sorts?”

i have to laugh, “No, Master, not at all.  i think i’m pretty well sorted out.”

“Well, thank me nicely,” he says, “And maybe I’ll let you suck my cock.  Or maybe I should spank you first.  I love to spank you with the butt plug in, and watch your face when the plug moves.”

Looking at him now, as i kneel in front of him, nipples still sore, my asshole stretched and full, my heart opens and i am overwhelmed with love.  “Whatever pleases you, Master,” i say.  And i mean it.

Yep.  Truly sorted out.

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