So many thoughts…

i found a blog that turned the heat up on a bunch of ideas that have been simmering on a back burner for a long time.  i’ll link to it as soon as the owner lets me know he’s ok with that.  He is clearly on a mission, and it’s important to me to make sure i’m being supportive and not hindering him.
(No, we’re not going to talk about why i’m asking permission from this person for something that i often just do.  It may be a little odd, but i’m following my instincts here.)
“Olivia Submits” is not my first blog, and a few of my friends have followed me from one blog to another as my life has taken many twists and turns, spiraling through time and space.
Some of you may remember that i got to attend a workshop offered by Raven Kaldera, and i’ve even talked about him on this blog.  He profoundly influenced my understanding of BDSM and spirituality.  i was all excited, thinking it was going to be a pathway to other change, but that has fallen apart and i have not followed through, and my life has taken other paths.

Well, this new blog i’ve been reading has stirred all that up again.

A lot of my earlier fantasy writing had a “training school” theme, and more than one submissive woman commented that they’d love to come to the school i envisioned.  So what if – hang with me here – what if –

There were a retreat center for people, especially submissives, who are already doing some kind of service work, and who are at risk for compassion fatigue.  The retreat center would offer space and structure for their healing, while connecting them with energy from the earth, which would be healing for the land and for the energy in the universe.

There would be discipline and punishment, exercise and meditation, gardening and being outside, and maybe classes and some kind of one-on-one opportunity for processing it all.  And orgasms – i haven’t forgotten orgasms.

The focus would be on helping people who want to serve, or who already serve, use their energy to heal the world.  In my fantasies these days, there is always a Dominant who’s directing me in ways that guide me to be more of who i am, to offer more, to connect more completely with my desire to serve.   So the relationship serves the Dominant, i serve the Dom, but it also grounds me in ways that make me more effective in my externally directed service work.

For those of us who haven’t found a Dominant who’s willing and able to provide that kind of guidance and support, the retreat center would offer the opportunity to experience that for a limited time.  Think “Masters of the Castle” with an altruistic spin.

So that’s what i’m thinking about today.  i have no idea if this other person with the new blog is thinking anything at all along those lines, or if my thoughts would even intersect with his.  But it’s sure given me a lot to think about.

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