But Sir…

“But Sir…”   He raises one eyebrow at me.  “But?  Turn around, let me see your butt.”

i giggle at this weak attempt at humor, but i know better than to disobey, i turn and lean forward so he can easily whack my butt – hard – once on each cheek.

“Stand up now, no, don’t rub your butt ,” he says.  “Where are you going?  Aren’t you supposed to be in bed?”

“Yes, Sir, – ” i start to say ‘but’ and catch myself just in time.  Contradicting is punishable with increasingly harsh consequences.   “i – i was going to bed and then i thought maybe it would be better if i went ahead and did my blog post now.  You know, so i have more time to work on it.  Just to get it out of the way.”

Again, that one raised eyebrow.  And he laughs. “What time is it?”

“Um, i think it’s, um about 9:30.”

“It’s almost 10.  What time did you get up this morning?”

“About 5, Sir.”

“What time do you have to get up tomorrow?”

“Um, about 5, Sir.”

“What are you supposed to do between 9:30 and 10:00?”

i look down, shuffle my feet.  “Get ready for bed, Sir.”

“So does that schedule include writing your blog.”

“Noooo, no, Sir,” i say, reluctantly, still avoiding eye contact.

He shakes his head.  “Go brush your teeth,” he says, “And prepare for a spanking.  I’ll come take care of that in just a few minutes.  Go quickly now.”

“Yes, Sir,” and i do go quickly, with just a hint of a sigh, straight back to my room.  i brush my teeth and strip off my clothes, wash up in the bidet, and jump into bed – face down, ass up – just in time.  The door opens.

i don’t look up, but i feel the bed give as he sits down beside me.  His hand caresses my ass – then i feel it raised up and wham!  back down, landing right in the middle of my right cheek.  i gasp.  He doesn’t wait a moment before the hand comes down again on the other cheek.

i wiggle a little bit as he settles into the rhythm, alternating cheeks for the most part, striking above or below where his hand landed the last time.  It doesn’t take long for me to start moaning, my ass is burning.  My hands come back once, as if to shield me, but his quick, sharp, “NO,” makes me put them back on the bed.  i am squirming, trying not to get in trouble for moving too much, but having trouble holding still.

He continues, a slower, steady rhythm, and at last, i feel myself giving in. The sensation is so strong, the heat and the sting, that my body relaxes, i am not fighting anymore.  In fact, i wiggle a bit so my ass is raised, more convenient.   All resistance slipping away.  i accept the punishment with an open heart.

By the time he stops, i can barely move, as if all my bones have turned to liquid.  My ass is burning, and i imagine i’ll still feel it tomorrow.  He rubs it gently, but says in his sternest voice “Remember this, the next time you’re tempted to stay up past your bedtime.”

“Yes, Sir,” i murmur, “Thank you, Sir.”  i’m smiling to myself.  All i can think of is that line in the old nursery rhyme, “And she spanked them all soundly and put them to bed.”  This is the best way ever to fall asleep.

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