Pure Escapism

Last night, when i could have been writing a blog post, or doing a lot of other things, i was reading a new book instead.  And i have no regrets.  i was going to buy Punishing Portia, which i first heard about on Leather Cuffs and Silken Bonds.

i’ve been reluctant to buy seriously erotic material lately because i’ve connected my Kindle to my daughter’s Kindle so i can share books with her.  Obviously, sharing BDSM material is not something i want to do, and i’m not 100% sure how to prevent it.  So i’ve held back.

Then i discovered Smashbooks, which youall probably already know about.  That’s where i read Barbary Revenge.  When i went to look for Punishing Portia, i found Blushing Books, which also won’t go straight to my Kindle.  i can download to iBooks or a different place, and maintain some privacy for my one-handed reading list.

On the Blushing Books website,  i found When the Gavel Falls, which includes Punishing Portia and several other novellas in the Masters of the Castle series.  Omigoodness.  i was rapt.  BDSM romance at its finest.

It turns me on, and makes me smile, and kind of makes me long for the days when i was more active in the kink community.  Because of that experience, i know the books  aren’t realistic – well, i guess you’d know that anyhow – but i also know that parts of it are very real.

Anyhow, i don’t want to be some bitter old woman sitting around muttering about the good old days, so instead i work on being grateful that i’ve had those experiences.  i know what it’s like to be suspended in the air by rope.  i know what it’s like to be set on fire.  What it’s like to have a room full of kinky people watching someone play with me, watching with interest rather than judgement.  Even if it does seem very long ago in a different life, the books remind me that these things really do happen.

So that’s what i was doing last night instead of writing my own fantasies.  Hope you were doing something you enjoy too!



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