Check-in 4-3-16

i haven’t met my goals yet.  i know, that’s a shock, right?  Just kidding, of course i haven’t.  i haven’t even really set goals yet.  It hasn’t even been 2 weeks since i decided to change my life in some radical ways.

i was prepared to come over here and yell at myself for not having done better, but that’s neither fair nor productive.  So instead, i’ll make a list of some of the things i did this week:

  • Treated my partner (MP) well
  • Posted a blog post every day
  • Increased movement through activities
  • Reduced mindless eating
  • Enjoyed email exchanges with a Dom-friend
  • Continued to enjoy emailing with old HS friend
  • Planned some ways to improve home environment
  • Finished most things needed for work success
  • Had one day with significantly improved concentration and productivity using apps
  • Cleaned kitchen, made bed most days, did laundry, put clothes away
  • Read a bunch of other people’s blogs
  • Read some erotica that Dom-friend suggested
  • Started a fet life profile
  • Made a new friend in blog world
  • Did my volunteer work, including a training for new volunteers
  • Raised over $250 in pledges for a good cause
  • Had lunch out twice with friends
  • Joined Kinky Jungle
  • Started a new learning project

That’s not too shabby, is it?  So of course now i want to set goals for next week.  My urge is to set 350 goals, but no, i’m not going to do that.  Just a few.

  • Use the stay-focused apps at least 2 hours at least 4 days
  • Eat 2-3 meals and no more than one small snack daily
  • Exercise formally at least 3 days
  • Spend 45-60 minutes being active at least 3 days
  • Work on/ maybe finish taxes
  • Do one blog post for one of my other blogs

i can keep doing the other stuff too, or find new things to do, and next week i’ll make another accomplishment list and check in on my goals.


6 thoughts on “Check-in 4-3-16

  1. I enjoy reading your posts and fiction. Glad to see you back, and it always helps to see how someone else handles their life challenges. Everyone’s may be different, but I find that I am also doing some similar things during my personal transition. Thank you for a blog that lets me know I am not alone.


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