The Sacred Feminine

Walking with the goddess… the path of the sacred feminine… these ideas touch me deeply.  i love the feeling it gives me to think in those terms.

This article, for example, really resonates with me.And while  submission is a way to access the sacred feminine,  lacking the opportunity to practice that with a dominant, i seek other ways.  The article suggests we pick one of the ways described in it, and make a commitment to practice that.  i pick this one:

Believe in yourself and the gifts you have to offer.
The sacred feminine is immanent. She is everywhere and in everything. You are a part of Her living form and manifest beauty, a miraculous spark of creation, just as you are. With your struggles and faults, this may feel like a stretch to you. But even the hard, messy parts of your life are reflections of your beauty and true potential. Where you find your wounding, you also find your beauty; both are part of your journey of healing and personal growth.

Seek out your beauty and gifts. Turn your gaze inward to your soul-based desires and dreams. Heed the parts of your outer life that give you joy, satisfaction and a sense of achievement. Ask those closest to you what are you best qualities and skills. These are the markers of your beauty and gifts. Name and own them.

Commit yourself to self-love, self-acceptance and compassion. Your life, with its challenges and imperfections, is the vehicle of your evolution in this lifetime. Embrace your beauty and wounding, and let these things guide your pathwork of self-empowerment and wholeness.

i was tempted to pick:  Bring the very best of your love and goodness to your encounters with others.  But really, that has been my practice for many years, not to say that i always succeed, not by a long shot.  But it puts my focus on other people, and i don’t think that’s where i need to be right now.

Anyhow.  i have a meeting in three minutes.  Hope you find the article interesting!


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