Just a Quickie

“Here,” he said. “Now.”

She looked up, startled. If he had told her to come once already, she hadn’t heard him, but she knew she was in trouble now. Setting her book aside, she stood, and moved quickly to her place in front of him, slipping down to her knees as soon as she was in place.

“Sir?” she asked, looking up at him with what she hoped was an adequately remorseful -and-ready-to-make-amends expression. Her heart was beating faster, and she felt warm. She had been lost in the book and was afraid he might have called her more than once. She hoped she would be able to please him with her obedience now.

“Your breasts are covered,” he said. “in fact, your whole body is hidden.”

She smiled, just the corners of her lips turning up. This was such an exaggeration. She was wearing a low cut top with plenty of cleavage and a skirt so short it barely covered anything. But she knew what he wanted. She almost started stripping her top off, but paused, waiting for him to give the order.

He gestured with one hand, raising it in a motion that she immediately understood. She pulled the top off, discarding it quickly.

She hesitated to take the bra off – it was lacy with half cups and lifted her breasts so high the nipples were almost exposed. So she was not surprised when he shook his head.

“Just pull it down,” he said. “Yes, under your breasts, so I can see them. I like the way they look – like you’re offering them to me. Which, of course, you are.” He smiled. “Pinch the nipples, please. Harder.”

She obeyed, biting her lip. She knew that if she didn’t pinch hard enough, he’d be pulling out the nipple clips and she didn’t want that. Or ice. That was even worse.

Once her nipples were adequately hard and extended, he said, “Skirt.” She stood and slipped it off quickly, letting it pool at her feet. She was naked, except for the collar she always wore in the house.

He nodded, pleased, then, “Here,” he said. “Over my lap.”

Trying to move gracefully, she arranged herself across his legs. Her hands barely touched the floor. She knew to make sure her legs were open to give him easy access to her most private parts. Her pussy, which was already hot and throbbing, and her ass.

He held her tightly at the waist with one hand, while the other hand began probing between her thighs. “Do you remember,” he said, “when I told you my friend at work and his wife were thinking about starting a D/s relationship?”

“Yes, Sir,” she said, in the uncomfortable way that one talked when one was practically upside down.

“Well, then you remember that you said you were willing to demonstrate what our relationship was like, right?”

Frantically, she thought back, she did remember what he’d said, and she knew that she’d agreed, in a frenzy of submission after multiple spankings and orgasms. But exactly what had she agreed to?

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