The Reclaiming, Part 3

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He removed the nipple clamps quite unexpectedly. Overwhelmed with the pain of circulation returning to the nipples, she cried out, moved her hands to rub the nipples. He caught her wrists, stopping her from touching herself. Chuckled as she twisted, struggling against the pain.

“Here,” he said, pulling her arms up, placing each hand on the back of her neck. She moaned, tossed her head, but left her hands where he had put them. He paused a moment in appreciation. Naked, pinned on his lap with her legs widespread, with her hands behind her neck, she was helpless.

He slid a hand between her thighs, his thumb rubbing her clit, fingers sliding inside her hot wetness. Her moans changed from pain to pleasure. Then whimpers, and ”Sir, Sir…” gasping, ”Sir, can I cum? Please, please -“ and then it was too late. It had been too long and too much intensity and as she peaked and felt the rush of pleasure that sent tremors through her body, she cried out, then shuddered as the sensations shook her. She gasped and whimpered as she settled again.

Wrung out, she couldn’t move. Or think.

She just lay there on top of her Sir, legs splayed out, thighs stinging, nipples tender, in a warm glow. Feeling his hands stroking her body, smiling.

His voice in her ear, ”You weren’t supposed to cum.”

Still smiling, she said, ”I know.”

She felt him laugh. ”You’ll be punished later.”

”Mmmhmm. I know I will.” She wiggled her bottom, feeling his jeans rough against her ass, his hard cock pressing against her.

”Such a little slut,” he murmured.

“Yes, Sir,” she said, contentedly.

“Here,” he said, thrusting his hips upward, ”Up, get up. Bend over, on your knees, little slut. Let’s see how long it takes you to cum again.”

Happily, a bit clumsy but eager, she maneuvered herself off his lap and onto the floor, pulling the kneeling cushion over so she would be more comfortable. She placed herself ass up, head down, resting her head on the cushion.

Behind her she heard Sir pulling off clothes and she smiled. Then he was hovering over her, his cock pressing at the entrance to the hot wet cunt. He paused, cock in hand, teasing her by sliding it in an inch or so and back out. She gasped and pressed back, pushing herself onto him, but he slapped her ass hard and pulled out.

”Sir!” she cried, indignant.

He laughed, slapped her ass again. ”Who’s in charge here?”

”Oh. Um, you. You are, Sir.”

She felt him move away from her and whimpered, but didn’t move. Then he was back, his body warming her from behind.

”Get rid of the stool,” he said, ”I want your head to the floor.”

”Yes, Sir,” she said, quickly moving the stool and shifting her posture. This raised her ass higher, increased his access.

”Spread your cheeks,” he said.

She smelled lube.

”Now.” His voice was stern.

She moved her hands behind her, one on each cheek, opening them wide.

”Good girl, hold it right there.”

She felt it pressing against her tighter entrance, felt herself tighten up. Whimpered, panic moving up through her, no, it had been too long, it was too tight, no, not yet –

And she cried out as he thrust the butt plug in an inch and out a half inch, in an inch further, and out a bit, working it deeper into her.

”You belong to me,” he said. ”Your cunt belongs to me. Your mouth is mine. And your ass. I’m going to plug your ass and fuck your cunt just because I want to. I want you to give yourself to me.”

As he talked, she relaxed, feeling her self open to him.

”Give yourself to me. Now,” he said, pushing the plug the rest of the way in, waiting just a moment before thrusting his cock into her burning cunt, filling her completely. He was pounding into her, within moments, she felt herself on the verge of cumming, but he shifted angles, and slowed her down. He had leaned back a bit, which freed his hands, and he began to spank, alternating hands just as he had with her thighs, slapping one cheek then the other.

She cried out – pleasure and pain so mingled, she didn’t know what she felt, and her pleasure rose and rose til she was about to reach the top –

And he moved again. No longer spanking her, but one hand reaching around her to toy with her nipple. New sensations racing through her – filling her, she screamed, ”oh my god-“

and he pulled out. Pulled out completely, while she gasped and begged, ”Sir, sir, sir, please,” and he laughed. Wiggled the butt plug around, waited for her to settle –

and thrust his cock straight into her again.

This time, she couldn’t hold back and within seconds, she was cumming, crying out with pleasure, ”yes, yes, yes, please!”

And then he was cumming too, and when he was finished, they both collapsed on the floor, half-moaning and laughing, cuddling together. She pulled away long enough to reach for an afghan on the coach and they snuggled together under it.

He smiled. ”You know you’re in trouble,” he said.

”Yes, Sir,” she said, smiling happily. ”I know I am. But it whatever punishment there is, this will have been worth it.” And she purred, just a little bit, to herself.

”Challenge accepted,” he said.

And she thought, ”Oh, shit, I AM in trouble now.” But in that moment, with the butt plug still nestled inside her, cuddled close to him, she couldn’t even care.

7 thoughts on “The Reclaiming, Part 3

  1. I’ve read an embarrassingly large quantity of “erotica”/porn from the age of thirteen forward. Your writing is among the better filth I have experienced. Good job Your situations and characters are relatable, not exaggerated.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, David. I really appreciate that feedback. I imagine having had experience with real people in the community has given me some of that perspective. But I’m glad it shows up that way!


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