Her Training, Part 2

They had taken her dress, and now she stood trembling in her lacy bra, garter belt, stockings, and CFM shoes. Her mind had barely had time to register that it was a man and a woman with her as they had slipped her dress off over her head quite quickly. Now she was intently watching Master Joshua again, breathing rapidly and a bit anxious.

“Good girl,” he said, while his gaze appraised her from head to toe. His words calmed her, while his eyes made her want to cover herself. She worked on holding still.

It seemed like she waited a long time before he nodded again. Without a word, the two strangers unhooked her bra and removed it. Slipped the garter belt off, rolled the stockings down, took her shoes, and left her completely naked.

She stood, trembling, a bit disoriented and definitely uncomfortable. She would have covered herself then but they each claimed a wrist again and she found herself cuffed. The cuffs were fur lined and not uncomfortable, but they fastened them together behind her back, so she stood exposed.

Ankle cuffs were next, followed by a leather collar. The collar had 4 O rings embedded in it so they could attach a leash or chain her to an object from several different angles. She felt quite overwhelmed and tossed her head from side to side anxiously.

“Blindfold her,” said Master Joshua. As the blindfold was secured, she welcomed the darkness. She could no longer see his gaze and those two strangers, as she thought of them, had almost ceased to exist. She could accept that she was completely helpless and that nothing could be expected of her. With that thought, she settled a bit.

“Kneel,” he said, and she hesitated to do that with her arms behind her back, but those two supported her in going to her knees on the floor. They allowed her to rock back so she was sitting on her heels. She felt much more secure kneeling like this, with her thighs spread wide and shoulders back. She knew she was completely exposed, but with the blindfold on, she could almost ignore that.

“Very nice.” Master Joshua’s voice startled her, she didn’t realize he was so close, right in front of her now. He was actually sitting on an ottoman he had moved over so she was in easy reach. He slid his thumb into her mouth. She gasped at this sudden invasion, but began to suck, feeling soothed and appreciating the sense of connection it gave her.

She was completely focused on this sensation until a hand grasped her nipple, pinching gently, first one, then the other. Then the thumb was withdrawn and they rearranged her body so she was lying on her back. With her hands still chained behind her, she was uncomfortable in this position til they pulled her legs up and back against her breasts. Legs still spread wide, her hands fastened together beneath her served to raise her ass, which further exposed her nether lips and the slit between them, which was wet with her juices. Hands opened the outer lips and made her whimper with pleasure, stroking and caressing the tender hot inner lips and circling the clit.

“Wet and hot,” he said. “You are a lovely slut.” He penetrated her with two fingers, so abruptly she cried out. Moved his fingers in and out a bit and she squirmed, seeking more. The fingers were withdrawn, and a whimper escaped her.

“Enough of that,” he said, stroking the inside of her right thigh. He took his time with the caress until she was purring under his touch. Then, quite suddenly, he smacked her hard on the inner thigh. She jerked and cried out under the sudden sting. He laughed.

“Roll her over,” he said.

They literally helped her roll so she was on her knees, face to the ground, ass raised high. She was uncomfortably exposed, and would have lowered her ass again, but Master Joshua said, “Don’t move,” so she froze. Her heart was racing.

One finger circled the smaller entrance, which puckered under the touch. His finger was wet, her hole was already wet with her own juices, and she felt him penetrating her, just barely sliding his little finger inside her. She shook her ass from side to side instinctively, as if she could shake him off, and he laughed again.

He did withdraw the finger, to her great relief, but startled her by landing a smack on one ass cheek, and then another on the other side. She gasped, cried out, but he continued, the blows raining down on her steadily although not very hard.

Wordless moans and whimpers escaped her, but he didn’t stop until her ass cheeks were pink and getting warm. Then, “Take some notes for me, please” he said to Bob, one of his aides. “For the plan and the final report.”

“Glad to,” said Bob, taking up the tablet nearby. He typed as Master Joshua continued, “She’s very untrained. Sir Dan said he hadn’t taken her ass yet and he does want me to break her in there. She will also need to learn to hold still when being played with or being punished. She’s very hot and wet, so withholding orgasms will be a helpful tool.”

She felt humiliated to hear herself described like this. She had always thought she was quite pleasing, but now she felt awkward and stupid, like she didn’t know how to do anything.

Then her hands were unfastened and she was helped to stand. The blindfold was removed, and she blinked rapidly, adjusting to the light. Master Joshua was still sitting right in front of her and she lowered her eyes in embarrassment. She moved her shoulders gingerly, stretching them.

“We’ve gotten started,” he said. “I’m going to send you away now,” and her heart dropped – send her away? Had she failed?

But he went on, “with my aides. You may call them Sir and Ma’am and you are to obey them just as you would if it were me. If you disobey or don’t meet the expectations, they may punish you immediately or they may wait and report the infractions to me for discipline. Of course, they will report on your progress, both successes and failures, always.”

She was still trying to absorb that – Sir and Ma’am? Really? She wanted to roll her eyes at the absurdity, until she remembered that she was naked, cuffed and collared, and they were fully dressed and had the right to punish her. Then it seemed less absurd, and very humiliating that she wasn’t allowed to know their names.

Master Joshua continued talking, but speaking to Sir and Ma’am, not to her. “I’m using Protocol 1 with her for now,” he said, and Bethany wanted desperately to know what that meant. “I don’t think there are any special accommodations, not yet anyhow.”

“Perfect,” the man – Sir – said. “We’ll be sure to stay within the usual parameters.”

“I agree,” said the woman – Ma’am. She smiled, “I think she’ll respond well to that.”

“When you bring her back,” said Master Joshua, “I’ll be ready for dinner. As you go by the kitchen, let Mildred know for me, ok?

“Of course,” said Ma’am, smiling again. Bethany thought she smiled too much, there was nothing about this to be that happy about. But then, she thought wryly, no one asked for my opinion.

They attached a leash to her collar then, another humiliation she had not expected. They let it dangle in front while they placed her hands behind her neck and clipped the cuffs together again. With her hands behind her neck, she was not as uncomfortable as she would have been if they’d put them behind her back again. But she was very aware of being totally exposed like this.

Her humiliation was even greater when Ma’am took the leash and stepped in front of her. Sir stayed beside her, saying, “Look, I imagine this is your first time leashed. But your goal is to walk a full step behind and just to the right of the person with the leash.” He took her by the shoulders and moved her to the correct position. “That means,” he continued, “That you will need to adjust your pace to match hers. It’s a bit trickier than you might expect, but I’m here to help.”

She felt a bit of relief to hear that, but he went on, “When you get out of position, I’ll just say stop. Ma’am will stop and I’ll correct your position. Because it’s your first time, I won’t give you any consequences the first three times we have to stop.”

“Consequences?” She asked, wondering what he meant.

But he shook his head and said, “No,” quite sharply. “You do not have permission to speak. If you have a question, you may raise your hand, or say, ‘Sir?’ but if I haven’t already explained it, you probably don’t need to know. Now, turn around and pay attention to Ma’am. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be right behind you.”

Leash in hand, Ma’am said, “Heel,” and Bethany did not think she could be any more humiliated. But she fell into step as well as she could and they started out the door.

mask, handcuffs, tasseled whip

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