Her Training

“Here she is,” Dan said, sounding quite matter of fact, as if this were the most ordinary thing in the world.

The man seated behind the desk nodded. “Very nice,” he said. “Has she had any training?”

“Not really, Joshua,” Dan, her lover, replied. “She is often pleasing, and she likes to follow directions, but I can’t say I’ve done any formal training. That’s exactly why I’ve brought her to you.”

“Are there any particular bad habits that need correcting?”

“Not really, just a tendency to be willful.”

Joshua frowned. “Is she willing to be trained?

“Oh, of course, I wouldn’t have brought her here otherwise. I know you wouldn’t accept her if she weren’t committed to being a good submissive. She’s just a bit spoiled. Used to getting her own way.”

Master Joshua, as she would learn to think of him, smiled. “Of course. Most of the subs we see are spoiled. Headstrong, many of them. It’s our pleasure to teach them the art of submission. And,” he laughed, “that’s what keeps us in business.”

Bethany had been listening to this exchange with her heart racing, her face flushed. She might have turned and run, but Dan, who she loved dearly, was holding her wrist firmly in one hand. And besides, she reminded herself, she had agreed to this. Chosen to do this. She couldn’t run now. But as Master Joshua came around the desk and stopped a few feet in front of her, she felt a moment of panic.

“Easy, girl,” he said, as one might say to a horse getting ready to bolt. “I’m going to begin your inspection. Just a superficial exam right now, the more in-depth work will come later after you’ve been prepared.” His tone was calming and she almost felt reassured, except for a little part of her brain that noticed how he lingered on the words “inspection,” and “in-depth” and even “prepared.”

She had no idea what any of that meant, but she had decided to trust Dan and she was going to do that. She started to say, “Yes, Sir,” but before she could form the words, Master Joshua said, “Open your mouth, please.”

She hesitated – what? Open her mouth? Slowly, unsure why he could possibly want her to do this, she opened her mouth just a bit.

“Close it,” he said.

She did that quickly.

Master Joshua and her lover exchanged a look. Dan dropped his hold on her wrist and stepped away.

Master Joshua snapped, “Hands behind your back.” Quickly, she put her hands behind her back.

“Open your legs.” She was slower, it took a moment for the command to register, and another few moments for her to carry it out, but then she moved so that her legs were shoulder width apart, hands still clasped behind her back.

She had dressed carefully, just as Dan had directed. Her dress was form fitting through the bodice, but the skirt flowed to just above her knees. Underneath, a lacy bra intended for maximum cleavage and an actual garter belt and stockings. No panties, he had insisted. Her heels were high enough to put a definite sway in her walk, but not so high that she couldn’t stand comfortably for a while. At the moment though, she was only aware of her breasts, firmly thrust forward in this position, and the feeling of nakedness under her skirt.

She heard movement behind her, as if someone else had come in, and indeed, Master Joshua greeted them, “Come in, we’re just getting started.” She couldn’t see who it was or tell how many of them there were. She longed to turn around, but of course she knew better.

Her lover stepped further away from her, and she sensed someone else step up – one person where he had been and one on the other side. Before she could discern whether they were male or female or if she knew them, Master Joshua spoke,

“Bethany. Eyes on me.” His tone of voice was compelling and she almost forgot that there was anyone else in the room. He had her full attention.

He continued. “Your lover has brought you here to be trained in the art of graceful obedience and submission. I will outline the terms of your agreement. I am in charge of your training and you will address me as Master Joshua, or Master. You may respond to my questions with ‘yes, Sir,” or ‘no, Sir.,” If you give your consent now, your training will begin and continue for one week. During that time, you will have a safe word and can end the training at any point. If you end the training, we will call Sir Dan to come and collect you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” she said quickly. Dan, Sir Dan as she sometimes called him, had already explained this to her.

Master Joshua went on, “If you continue, you will learn to obey quickly and gracefully. You will learn to present yourself and to perform a variety of tasks in a pleasing manner. You will be expected to obey the orders of any of the staff here. You will experience a variety of intense sensations, both pleasurable and painful. As requested by Sir Dan, you will not be marked or damaged in any way. Do you understand?

“Yes, Sir.” It was a lot to take in, but she had expected all of this. The idea of “intense sensations” both thrilled her and scared her. That last sentence – what had he said – that she wouldn’t be damaged, right, but ‘as requested by Sir Dan” did he mean —

“If you continue,” Master Joshua went on, commanding her attention again, “you will participate in a power exchange that gives me and those who assist me, the right to make decisions for you. You will follow our schedule for meals, exercise, bathing, and sleep. You will not speak without permission. You will be naked for most of your training, and available for sexual use by me at any time. Do you agree to obey the rules and accept the discipline we determine necessary to accomplish your training?”

Her mind was reeling a bit, this sounded like a much bigger deal than when she and Dan had talked about it at home in her apartment. Omg, available for sexual use at any time. Naked. Fuck, what was she doing? Talking to Dan, this sounded exciting and fun, but it was different now. More scary. But he was really – there was something about him – about Master Joshua – his hands – or his eyes…

Masster Joshua watched her closely. He had no interest in doing this with someone who was unwilling. He loved training submissives whose hearts were in it, watching them struggle against their own instinct to protect themselves. He knew that for some of them, true happiness lay in letting go of self-interest and offering themselves to serve. So he watched Bethany fight to overcome her fear.

“Yes, Sir,” she said, trembling a bit.

Master Joshua nodded at those words, and then her beloved Dan was in front of her, wrapping her in his arms. Kissing her, gently at first, then taking it deeper. Automatically, her arms, which had been behind her back all this time, moved to embrace him. He allowed her to do so, whispering that he loved her.

He said, “I’ll be back next Saturday, and Master Joshua will show me what you’re learned. I know I’ll be so proud of you. Now, be a good girl, okay?”

“Yes, Sir,” she answered, her tone almost a whisper, “I will. I love you. I’ll miss you.”

On that note, he stroked her hair and let go. Swallowing back her tears, her arms dropped to her sides. She might have turned to see him go, but just at that moment, Master Joshua said, “Now.”

And the two people who Bethany had almost forgotten about stepped closer. They each took a wrist and placed a hand on her upper arm. Trapped in this hold, Bethany couldn’t turn at all. She brought her attention to Master Joshua again, wondering what was going to happen next.

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