A Touch of Fantasy, Part 3

She kneels between his legs, hands behind her back, mouth slightly open, her eyes on his cock.

He strokes it slowly, watching her. Her nipples are hard and he knows that she is wet and longing for his touch.

She waits. The plug, still nestled snugly in her asshole, is just uncomfortable enough to remind her of her own submission, but not enough to distract her from the longing she feels to have this cock in her mouth. Her pussy is hot and wet and throbbing, and she wants – wants his touch, his cock, his hands, his mouth. Forbidden everything, even the use of her hands, she waits.

One hand on his cock, with the other he tugs on her left nipple, making her whimper. He shifts to the right one. Her freshly shaved pussy throbs as if there were a direct line from nipple to cunt. But her focus is still on the cock in front of her.

His scent, uniquely musky male, fills her as she inhales deeply. She watches the vein, which runs the length of his shaft. It is swollen, but not yet throbbing the way it will. She longs to lick along it’s length and feel it pulse.

“Do you want this?” he asks.

“Yes, Sir,” her response is quick and sure. “Please.”

“What do you want with it?” he asks, as he always does.

And her response, “To show love and respect for your cock, Sir.” She enjoys saying that, the next part is a bit difficult. “To show my love and respect by worshiping your cock, please, Sir.” With that phrase, she slips deeper in the submissive space she loves.

He nods, as if he is considering this request. Then, “You may begin,” and he lets go of the cock, allowing her access.

She smiles, leaning forward, breathing softly on the head of the cock, inhaling his scent again. She touches the very tip of her tongue to the head. Not to the tiny hole where a drop of pre-cum is already bubbling up in anticipation of delights to come. But just to the right of it, and then on the other side Tiny little licks, flicking at him with just the tip of her tongue.

He settle back in his chair, knowing that this will take time. He loves cock worship, although it’s a bit strange. As if she’s communicating directly with his cock, not with him at all.

Her focus is intense, as it often is, he thinks, whether she’s at work or serving him in this way. Fully present, as if nothing exists but his cock. He likes to watch her head move as she works. One hand cups his balls and he sighs with pleasure. She doesn’t have permission to use her hands, but he doesn’t feel like reprimanding her now, Maybe later. If he remembers when she’s done.

She delights in licking, licking him from the bottom up, and back down again. Licking round and round. There is a bottle of water nearby, room temperature, and she pauses often to take a sip, making sure her mouth is wet and warm. Feeling him throb as she licks. His balls, cupped in her left hand, begin to get tighter.

Her mouth is very wet when she closes her lips around the head of his cock. Holding it in her mouth while she swirls her tongue around, savoring his flavor, and the sensations. She lowers her head, and pulls back, lowers her head, taking him deeper, leaving heat and warmth as she pulls back, then going down again, a bit deeper each time.

Back to licking, slowly, alternating tip of the tongue with the flat part. He shifts a bit, seeking more, moans, but she is intent on the cock, watching, feeling it respond. This beautiful cock, throbbing with energy…

Again, she takes the cock in her mouth, sliding it deeper, deeper, in and out as if slowly fucking her mouth. At last, it reaches the back of her throat, she relaxes her throat to accept it as far as it can go. Gagging a bit, tears on her cheeks, she takes it deeper, then backs it up, deeper and back.

Her hand wraps around the shaft, just the bit at the bottom that she can’t quite cover with her mouth. He’s wet from her mouth, and her hand is wet as if she’s used lube, and she begins to move her hand in rhythm with her mouth so it is as if his cock were in her mouth.

Rhythmically up and down, up and down, til she feels the vein pulsing and knows he is near exploding with pleasure. She looks up at him, his eyes are closed. She slows the rhythm just a bit.

She is unaware of her own wetness, coating the inside of her thighs. Nipples hard and tingling. Pussy throbbing as if she is about to cum too, but she is not attending to that. All of her focus is on the cock in front of her, the cock in her mouth.

For a moment, she considers stopping, or slowing down enough to hold off the building orgasm. She does pause, beginning to lick again with the flat of tongue, licking as if it were an ice cream cone and the ice cream was melting. The man attached to the cock groans, “Baby, what are you doing?”

She doesn’t answer, intent on the cock, circling the rim with her tongue. His balls tight and hard now, on a whim she dips below his cock to suck a ball into her mouth. He moans again, thrusts his cock up as if looking for her mouth.

And then her mouth is back, she blows on the head, cool air, just for a second and the cock jerks in her hand. Then she opens her mouth, places it over the head of the cock, not quite touching, breathing warmth now.

He moans, thrusting up, but she moves at her own pace, sliding her mouth down, down, and up. Down, down, up. Moving a bit farther, a bit deeper, each time.

Taking her time, until he is hitting the back of her throat. Relaxing her throat, breathing through her nose so he can slide deeper, and up, down and up, her hand pumping as well.

She feels his hand in her hair, and shivers with delight, but she is in control here still, he is not pushing yet. She cups his balls, so tight, so ready, poised right there…

And she hits the stride that she knows will take him over the top, combining her hand and mouth movement for a seamless fuck.

“Yessss,”he says and then he’s pumping into her mouth, his hand just resting on her head, hitting the back of her throat a bit harder while she struggles to keep it relaxed, gagging just a bit, tears on her cheeks… taking him the way she knows he loves.. allowing him to fuck her mouth… until

there is that moment of pause… he cries out…

and he is cumming, and cumming, while she swallows. And swallows. Struggling to swallow it all, not to drown in the thick rich cum…

And then he is done. Sighing with pleasure, stroking her hair.

She feels tired, a bit depleted, as if she has been drained as well. Her pussy aches, empty and unfulfilled, longing to be taken. She leaves her mouth on his cock, not moving, just resting as he softens. She wants the cock to feel warm and cared for still.

Waiting patiently for him to signal she should back off him… she becomes acutely aware of the butt plug. It’s not uncomfortable anymore, in fact, when she tightens around it, it feels good. She wiggles her ass a bit, enjoying the sensation. She wishes there were something in her other entrance, filling her there as well. Her pussy aches with emptiness.

Still resting with his cock in her mouth, her cheek on his inner thigh. He strokes her face and she hums.

“Good girl,” he says.

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