A Touch of Fantasy, Part 2

“Yes, Sir,” she says, but she waits until he pats his leg before she moves. Then she stands, steps into position beside him, waits again. He lets her stand a minute, runs his hand down her arm, touches her hip, her thigh.

His touch is so impersonal, “as if I were a horse,” she thinks. She shivers as bit, although the room is warm. One hand cups her ass, squeezes. Then he stops, pats his leg again, and she drapes herself over his lap.

She is short, so with her bottom carefully placed over his knees, her hands barely touch the ground. He shifts her body a bit so her torso angles and she can place her arms on the chair. This is not really for her comfort, she knows, it gives him easier access to her nipples if he wants to play with them. It also allows her feet to touch the ground, and she opens her legs and pushes her ass up a bit, as if inviting his caress.

And he does caress first, stroking gently, sliding his fingers between her thighs, feeling the heat and the wetness of her cunt. His other hand toys with her nipple. She squirms a bit and he reminds her, “Hold still.”

The hand between her legs strokes her clit and he pinches her nipple, hard. She makes a noise, not quite a grunt, he thinks, or a groan, it’s a funny sound, as if she were swallowing a moan. He laughs, quickly withdraws both hands.


She had known it was coming, and still not prepared, she gasps as the sharp blow on her ass takes her breath away. One more hard one falls, and then he begins to spank more gently, warming her ass until she is moaning and pressing her bottom up asking for more.

“Good girl,” he says, smiling, “that’s my good girl. You love this, don’t you?” She wiggles contentedly and he plays with her nipples again, continuing to spank, increasing the level slowly until his hand is hot and her ass is a nice shade of red.

He stops then and she sighs. “Ten hard ones,” he says, “count and thank me.”

“Yes, Sir,” trying not to sound as excited as she feels. Now, when she is nicely warmed up, she welcomes these as well. A moment’s pause, her anticipation builds, she wonders what he’s chosen to use this time.

SMACK, louder this time, firmer and it stings. It takes a moment for the pain to begin to fade and she’s quick to say, “One! Thank you, Sir!” As the pain subsides, warmth spreads through her body, endorphins releases. She sighs, mmmmm. Then –

“Two! Thank you, Sir!” Again, pain, followed by pleasure, and she relaxes into the rhythm. In the pause before the next one, she begins to think about the pleasure of his cock was in her mouth.

“Three! Thank you, Sir!” The hand on her nipple pinches, firmly, diverting her attention until –

“Four! Thank you, Sir!” She can almost taste his cock, feel the cushion that will be under her as she kneels. She licks her lips.

“Five!” Thank you, Sir!” A touch of worry, she had almost forgotten the number. Five, that was five, right? Yes. Six was next and –

“Six! Thank you, Sir!” That was fast. The pain is stronger, but he is giving her more time to absorb it, and still when it fades, the pleasure fills her. His hand slides between her legs again and she wiggles, trying to press against him, but –

the hand is withdrawn and “Seven! Thank you, Sir!” Seven, then eight. Yes, she has to to remember that –

“Eight! Thank you, Sir!” He laughs, pinches the other nipple, gently then hard, tugs on it. “Is that right? Is it eight or was that seven?”

For a moment, real panic, seven? Was it seven? No, eight, it was eight. “Eight, Sir?” She make it a question.

His hand caresses her ass, letting her wonder. Then – “Yes, that’s right, eight that time.” And another one falls.

“Nine! Thank you, Sir!” Whew, just one more, almost there, cock in my mouth, yes soon . The leather leaves welts, landing now over other welts, hurts so bad – and – and ohhhhh, yes, then it fades and just one more…

“Ten! Thank you, Sir!” Oh, now, now his cock. She wants to slide to the floor and begin, but hesitates. No.. That would be a mistake. Permission, she needs permission first, yes?

“Good girl,” he strokes her ass again, and her pleasure grows. He is pleased, she thinks, and ohhhh that feels good and maybe now? Cock now? But she waits.

“Sweet sub girl,” he says, his fingers teasing her, “The weekend is here, and you are mine. So ready… Let’s continue.”

“Yes, Sir,” she says, hope blossoming, “may I – would you like me to use my mouth?”

He laughs, and she thinks, oh, damn, no, I forgot, no.”

“No, not yet, girl. What’s next?” His voice is kind but firm.

“Oh,” she says, “Yes, Sir, I forgot.”

He smiles, “I know this is not your favorite part, but it’s so good for you. It really takes you out of your head and down a notch. And you need that. Up now, and present.”

Obediently, she pulls herself off his lap. Stands in front of him, her back to him. “Down,” he says.

She lowers herself, kneeling, feet together, knees spread. to the floor. She lowers her torso, down until her forehead touches the ground.

“Stop,” he says, “Pause for a moment.”

She feels a bit dizzy, trying to rest, knowing what’s coming. Her mouth is dry. When this part is over, he will let her drink. Cool water. She smells lube and her asshole puckers, she tries to relax again.

And then, “Ass up,” he says, “Spread yourself wide, please.” She hates that word, “Spread,” but she raises her ass, moves so both hands are behind her and, one hand on each ass check, she spreads her self open.

“Good girl,” he says.

And he waits. In those moments, she thinks this is the hardest part, knowing she is exposed to his gaze, waiting for the plug, not knowing which one it will be. Just waiting, trying no to get tenser.

He watches her, smiling, the rosebud between the cheeks she’s holding open tightens and relaxes, tightens and relaxes again. “Who do you belong to?” he asks.

“You, Sir, I belong to you.” And her voice is clear. He can see her relax as she says it.

“Are you willing to accept this plug?”

Her reply is strong, ”Yes, Sir, if it pleases you.”

He leans forward and, so quickly, he presses the plug into her asshole. She tenses, the resistance instinctive, but he is using the small plug this time and it slides in despite her momentary effort to keep it out.

She cries out, just once, and then her tight hole relaxes again, allowing the plug to settle in place. She sighs, as she always does at this point, although she is unaware of it. And then she hums. A tiny hmmmm, just for a second, almost a purr, but he savors it as the sound of her welcoming his mastery.

“Good girl,” he say. “Rest for a minute, then crawl over here. I have some water for you, and then I may allow you to pleasure my cock.”

She does purr then, and says, “Thank you, Sir.” The plug in her ass is not exactly comfortable, but it does, indeed, take her down a notch, and the discomfort is a reminder of her willingness to serve him well.

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