More Revelations

I realized on my mini-retreat that I missed connecting with people. That’s not usually the case. Usually, I savor being alone. The silence. The freedom.

This time, I noticed pretty quickly that I wanted to share this time with other people. It kind of confused me for a minute. But I decided to invite my grandkids to come spend the night away with me tonight, my last night here.

I’m only a 30 minute drive from home, so MP is going to bring them down and hang with us for a bit, then leave them to stay overnight. The kids and I will go home tomorrow.

It is an odd thing for me to do on what’s supposed to be my big getaway. But I realized that most of the time I spend with them, I am also doing something else. Or they’re also doing something else. It’s not really what I like to call “quality time. “. This time is just about us enjoying spending time together, doing things we like to do.

My desire to connect is not just with my grandkids. I also scheduled some zoom calls today. Not a lot of calls, but enough to break up my day and savor some time with other people, without being distracted by 800 things going on around me.

I had forgotten that introverts aren’t just about alone time. We need connection too. Meaningful connection, with people who see us, people we share values with, people who want to connect on a deeper level. And it needs to happen when I can enjoy it.

I need to remember this, post retreat.

12 thoughts on “More Revelations

  1. I also enjoy quite a bit of alone time, Olivia…but during this pandemic, I have found myself missing regular human interaction! I think it is great that you really listened to yourself and gave yourself what you were needing…which sounds like both alone time and time with some family. Hope you are feeling rested and rejuvenated! 🙂

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  2. i have definitely missed human connection. because of mum living with me and with the covid situation, i try not to leave the house TOO much. but that means whatever few times in the week that I DO, is often spent with the “important” people, and i’ve missed meeting my other friends.

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  3. I think it is one thing to be an introvert when the world around us is extroverted, it is completely different when a world wide Pandemic forces us to be one. I find that my introversion never extends to the people I live with, more than a few hours. Plus it is nice to share our little bubble with kids, to show them something different and be with them somewhere different. Enjoy your special Grandma time.

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    • Yeah, I think you’re right about introverted and forced into isolation. Sigh, not that great. But I do get – overwhelmed with the people I live with. And I think that’s partly/mostly because it seems like I’m always multi-tasking. This was true Grandma time, and it was great! Thanks, Willie!


  4. Hi Olivia, we all need that connection at times, and you are right too, quality time with the grands without the usual distractions of home. Enjoy your time together:)


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