MIA No More

Yes, this is my new blogging strategy – I don’t write for a while and then I can come back and celebrate that I’m here again. Lol, simple but effective.

I have not written more of my latest story because I’m afraid to. I’m afraid that Selena is going to overthink it all and end it with Joshua before they have a chance to get started. I think it became a problem when I realized that Sofia and Lucas had also started with an exchange of email messages with expectations before their first date. And that made me think, well, damn, same old thing.

And then my cynical side kicked in and Selena thought, “Hmpf, doesn’t matter, it might start off great, but it won’t last. Why am I even going to put myself through this? I should know better by now.” And, you know, she can end it just by saying a few words, and not even remember that it happened if she chooses to do that.

Yes, that’s my thought, but I don’t want that to happen, so I’m just leaving Selena and Joshua dangling for now. They’ll wait. They’re not going anywhere without me anyhow. Sometimes I think that my recent couples, Selena and Joshua, Sofia and Lucas, and Phoenix and Simon, are the beginning of some kind of BDSM community.

But then that seems to complex and overwhelming and I can’t even finish one of the threads, much less three of them. So I walk away from that idea.

I’m starting a week of no clients (because I canceled them all when I thought I was having surgery.) Planning to fill my time with some work I’ve neglected around the house, writing, finishing some background research for work, going for walks, practicing some rituals, and who knows what else. Oh, reading some books I’ve already started and haven’t finished. I’m looking forward to the time. Who wouldn’t?

12 thoughts on “MIA No More

  1. Hope you get a lot done with a week of no clients . Whenever you pick up your stories I am sure it will be good . I always enjoy your writing too. Enjoy yourself.


  2. Hi Olivia, enjoy your week of ‘you’ time doing things you want or need to do. Always enjoy your stories, you have such a talent for writing. Love the idea of all your current characters starting a community:)


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    • Thank you, Roz – I always appreciate your support!! I’m sure I will enjoy my week. And yeah, it would be fun, wouldn’t it? Maybe I should just keep writing and see what happens… hmmmm. 💜


  3. What a beautiful picture at the end of this post.

    Perhaps your writing thoughts will seem more positive after a week off and accomplishing things you desire. No doubt the calling it quits for your fictional character is reflective of something non fictional.

    Best of luck!

    Okay I shouldn’t impose how I process on you..just didn’t want to use the word perhaps again in my last sentence. Lol


    • Thanks – the picture is one of my favorites.

      Yeah, hopefully, I’ll be able to move beyond my cynical self and move back into it. And yeah, I think it’s definitely reflective of something non fictional!

      Lol at your last bit about not using the word perhaps again.



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