My Life is a Joke


Or maybe it’s a rant. What’s the difference? Ok, according to yahoo:

Venting is when you’re angry and you need to get something out of your system. You vent to a person who actually wants to listen and cares about why you’re angry. When you rant, you are just shouting your angry feelings out loud, and don’t care if someone’s listening or not. The people listening to you rant probably don’t want to be there!

And here’s the difference between complaining and venting:

In any case here’s my vent. At a certain time on Sundays, I’m doing a dance class. On-line, of course, which means it’s in my house. Where I live. With lots of other people. It’s a one hour class. Today during class:

  • MP was talking on the phone to his daughter so loudly that I had to turn the class up to full volume so I wasn’t hearing him instead.
  • The grand kids have to pass through my space to take their special Sunday morning bath, so people were coming and going behind and around me.
  • My dance class has moved a final part where we do a quiet meditative dance part. We’re doing that part when MP starts talking/yelling from the other room about some purchase he just made and do I think it was a bad idea? and then some quiet yoga. So I have my eyes closed and am breathing in peace. The younger grand thinks that bath time is a fun time to play hide and seek with his Mommy. At one time, it was a fun ritual for them, but it’s not fun for anyone anymore, except the grand in question. My poor daughter is yelling, “I’m not playing! This is not the time to hide!” And I’m “breathing in peace.” Okaaaay.
  • The grand gets in the tub, all is silent, I move into child’s pose on the floor, and MP calls to me, from the other room, “I just did something. I don’t know if it was a good idea or not.” What? Rofl, how do I ignore that??? His voice continues, “I spent about $250, well, it was really $500, but mumble, mumble…” I mean. How do I finish my meditation? Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about what he spends his money on, as long as he pays his monthly share of expenses, it’s fine, but still. The curiosity alone has got me hooked.

And now that a few hours have passed, it’s fine. But it is times like that when I start muttering about moving to Belize. And like any Obliger, that’s a dangerous point for me to reach. Because occasionally, we Obligers have a habit of acting on those impulses, we just pack up and we’re gone. But I’m not really near that point, and I’ll set more boundaries and all that emotionally healthy crap stuff, so it’s fine. Just venting…

11 thoughts on “My Life is a Joke

  1. Oh no, sorry Olivia but this made me giggle. Some relaxing dance class, especially the meditation! I could almost see it.

    Seriously though, I can definitely see your frustration. Didn’t everyone know what you were doing and couldn’t they have given you some space?


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    • Lol, I know, Roz, I laughed a bit too, especially afterwards.

      Yes, they all knew what I was doing. And would have been apologetic if I said, “Hey, meditating here…” But they get all caught up in what they’re doing and just don’t think. Shrug. Maybe I’ll make a formal announcement in the future, with a time frame. Lol, we’ll see.


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  2. I would have lost it so I applaud your self control. Even reading it got me a bit riled up. I’m *that* person.

    And I would probably make an announcement like “Please don’t anyone come thru here between F and G o clock.”

    Handled it like a pro – that meditative bit of your dance class must be very effective!

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    • Yeah, if it hadn’t been so ironic – and if I weren’t kind of used to it anyhow – I’m sure I would have lost it!! It was a close call. And lol, yeah, it’s some effective meditation work.

      I have a plan to rearrange furniture so that people can get to the room behind me without going through my space – there’s actually a door that’s we’ve had a cabinet in front of – cabinet is going somewhere else soon. Well, as soon as I move all the things to make it happen… but I think that might help. We’ll see…


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