Mood City

I’ve noticed lately that my moods change quickly and easily. One minute I’m feeling all zen and the next I’m really up and energized and then I’m bummed out and feel like life is pointless and everything’s wrong. I’m more irritable, internally, if not externally.

Of course, I could be feeling more because I’m not doing a bunch of emotional eating. That’s a good thing, because I’m healthier and feel better physically than I have in a while. But these mood swings… (No, I’m not bipolar, not even close, just moody!)

So I decided it was time to do some therapy. Yep. My days with JM the Wise therapist are long gone, but it’s time to start fresh.

The bad news is that looking at all the fresh, young faces doing therapy, I could not get enthused about talking to any of them. I need someone old and seasoned and – you know, wise. Then there’s the whole “do I use my insurance?” question. All so complicated…

Anyhow. I finally decided to do one of the online therapy things. So I signed up for one, got a discounted month, and picked out a therapist. When you send a message, they tell you when to expect a response. Cool, cool. So that time came and went. More time went by. Finally, when it began to seem likely that he was not going to respond til the following day, probably in the afternoon, I messaged him and just asked when to expect a reply.

Well, he replied to my message quickly after that, but with this super generic, advice giving response that sounded more like something you might get in a fortune cookie. So I quickly traded him in for a new match.

My new match/therapist responded quickly with a basic introductory form letter that he had personalized for me just enough that I felt notice, so that was already a huge improvement. We’ll see where it goes from here.

In other news, I’m feeling pretty good and healthy so that’s all good.

I would not want a Dom therapist, but oh, that Dom coach thing would be fun…

14 thoughts on “Mood City

  1. Good luck with therapy. My teen wants to go back to therapist but as a teen with an adult mind it’s hard for her to find a match. I considered some of those online services. My foster teen needs serious therapy, but is not legally mine right now so… and miss my therapist but I know I don’t need him I just want someone to tell me it’s okay

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    • Yeah I can imagine it would be hard for your teen to find a good therapy match. At least with the online services, you can switch if it’s not good at the beginning – and later on for that matter. I don’t remember how old your foster teen is – in many states, teenagers can legally seek therapy for themselves even if they’re not formally emancipated at 16. It might be worth checking. And yeah, I get what you’re saying about your therapist…


      • My foster doesn’t have access to medical insurance information and parents aren’t very helpful. I know I’m crazy for taking in a random teen— but that teen turns 18 at the end of March. Teen’s dad won’t even set up physical for drivers permit or schedule a dentist appt at teen’s request and mom is a total mess.

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  2. I think that taking care of ones self is very admirable thing to do, Olivia! And I totally know what you mean about young therapists… I fell for that, one time. And after three sessions just felt that I needed someone with a bit more life experience. As a therapist myself, but one who entered the field later in life, I recognize that these young’ins have to get experience somewhere, but perhaps with others closer to their own age. Wishing you the best of luck finding someone that you connect with!

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    • Thanks, Nora! Yeah, those of those that are already seasoned are going to find it difficult with a young’un. I didn’t realize you were a therapist (or is I did, I forgot.) I was too until recently, and also started later in life! (Have we already discovered this connection?? I know there are a lot of things that connect our experience…) Thanks for the luck… we’ll see. 💜

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      • No, I didn’t know that about you, olivia! We do have a lot in common. I also work as a college professor, but I have been completing my practicum and internships (which are now done) to become a licensed psychologist. I graduate this next semester 🙂

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  3. Timely post. Our son just started online therapy. He had filled out the form but just needed the push to send it. I’d say it’s long overdue for him. With only a few sessions he seems a bit lighter already 🙂

    Hope you feel the same soon as well.

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    • Oh, cool! Hope you son has found someone he likes and that it really goes well. Sounds like it’s off to a good start. And yeah, hoping the same for me… Thanks! 💜


  4. Hi Olivia, that’s wonderful news you are feeling good and healthy. Mood swings?…not so good. Good on you giving online therapy a go. I hope you do find it beneficial.


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    • Thanks, Roz, it does feel good to feel good! As for the mood swings, you know me, it might be more like a porch swing than anything else, but still. The irritability is – well, it irritates me to feel this irritated!! Lol… 💜


  5. Feeling healthy is great. Bad therapist is not. Glad you sorted it out and switched to a different fella.

    i hope it goes well. The last thing u need is to be given more hassle when trying to get help for something, whatever that may be.

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