Fantasy Snippet 3

{Oh, my, I just read Naughty Nora’s latest entry on the story she’s writing and it drove me deep into desire. Since this is not an appropriate time to – you know – take care of myself, I thought I’d do a new bit of fantasy of my own.}

Slowly, hesitantly, I moved my feet, one at a time, widening my stance. Feeling humiliated, standing like this with my back to him. But feeling a rush of excitement at the same.

“Good girl,” he said, caressing my inner thigh. I smiled, I couldn’t help it.

Then he said, “Spread your cheeks for me.”

I froze. What? Seriously? No, no, no, I can’t.

He waited. A full minute of silence, though it seemed like forever, before he said, in a relaxed tone, as if this were the most natural thing in the world, “Move your hands. Put one hand on each ass cheek and spread them. Wide.”

Tears filled my eyes. I could not do it.

I felt him stand then, and trembled, afraid that he would leave me there. Instead, he moved to stand in front of me. I had bowed my head, staring at the floor, afraid to look at him.

“Hey,” he said. And my tears spilled over. Sobs shook me.

He moved closer, pulled me into his arms. The shirt was starched and felt stiff, but i melted into him.

He held me for a long time, handing me a tissue part way through.

“There,” he said, when the crying had stopped. Another tissue, “Blow your nose,” he said. I obeyed, feeling gross and ugly, but he just took the tissue and threw it to the nearby trash can.

“Now,” he said. “What is this about? I give you a simple command and you fall apart? Here.” He moved back to his seat and, “Down,” he said. I knelt at his feet, hopeful that he was not sending me away.

He sighed. I tried to measure the tone of it – not a heavy, I’m-sick-of-you sigh. Just a sigh.

“You have not been trained at all, have you?”

I hesitated, I had not thought about it that way before, but “No. No, Sir, I guess I haven’t.”

He nodded. “Well. Fortunately, I’m a very good trainer. We’ll start with basics. First, you need to be punished for disobedience.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said, part terror, part anticipation. My pussy, newly waxed, throbbed.

“Come,” he said. I stood up, happy to follow him.

mask, handcuffs, tasseled whip

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