Look at this tree.

That tree has survived hurricanes and probably droughts and who knows what else, and there it is. So perfectly beautiful. Look at those limbs. Wouldn’t a tree house up there be lovely?

I thought that was a perfect tree. Then I saw this one.

This one leans a bit. You can tell it’s been beaten by the wind and forced to bend. But it’s beautiful. Those limbs are even sturdier, stronger. I want to just perch on one, up above everyone else.

But this one…

I had to do a panoramic view of this one. Look at those two lower branches, reaching out like arms, long enough to encompass the world.

On this day, when the world is burning, when the world is struggling under the burden of racism and violence, when we are in the middle of a pandemic, even on this day, these trees stand. So will I.

10 thoughts on “Trees

  1. My favourite tree quote, that circles around these parts during autumn, ” Trees are about to show us how beautiful it is to let go”.

    I examine trees on a regular basis. I find them fascinating.



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