I Was Wrong

I know. It’s hard to believe. Sad but true. I. Was. Wrong.

Sigh. I need my blog. I feel like I lost part of myself, like I’m walking around out of balance.

I was telling Bleue, I’ll have to rename it “My Sad Blog” or “The Whining Post.” But that’s ok. It is what it is.

Two and a half months I was gone. And really, if I were you, I wouldn’t trust me for a minute. I could be up and gone again in a heartbeat. But it turns out there are things that I can only say here. Kinky things sometimes. Mean things. Yes, even whiny things.

This is where I think things through. Play with ideas, let things roll around in my head and drop them here.

OH! I probably need to change my look. Or something. Not my name though, Olivia is good. A different template, different cover photo. That’s always fun. Maybe a different name for the blog? Hmmmm. Have to think about that… In any case –

I missed youall. I missed comments and knowing there were people interested in what I had to say. I’m lonesome, and I’ve been a bit sad, still am really.

I haven’t done the things I’d planned to do. I started some stuff but didn’t finish and now my life has kalaidescoped on me again and it’s all gonna be different. I was super upset about that a couple of weeks ago. Trying to figure out how I could keep the dream going.

Now I’ve settled into my new reality. Sorting through my feelings about that is going to be part of what I need to do here. But not today.

27 thoughts on “I Was Wrong

      • I did get your message, my humble apologies for not responding. I’m just horrible about checking my e-mails. Have around a gazillion unread in my inbox Just as bad about it at work too. Most people there call or message me on my cell if they need to talk to me.

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      • Olivia, it would take far more than that to offend me. I’m way beyond the entitled generation…..Other than being tired of TCT, we’re well and enjoying whatever free time we manage to squeeze out of the work week. A lot of quality time with the grands, and just thankful for all the little things that make every day a little brighter.

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  1. Glad your back i was just thinking about saying hi to you. Even if you whine and complain about life hey Ill still read…Hope your are doing well with the important stuff.

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  2. So glad to see you back Olivia! I have thought of you often and have been wondering how you are doing. I’m so sorry things haven’t worked quite as you planned. Sending huge (((hugs))). The blog is definitely a great place to process thoughts and feelings.


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    • ROZ!! I missed you. I saw a comment you made on somebody else’s blog and it made me so nostalgic. Besides, you know, hardly anything ever works out quite the way we plan – at least my life doesn’t seem to work like that! Always a plot twist ahead. Anyhow, sending hugs to you and lots of appreciation. πŸ’œπŸ’œ


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