It’s My Birthday

Yep, much celebration here. And I’m posting this really early. If you missed my Massage II, and you wanted more of that fantasy, go back a post… but if you came for the party, let’s get started.

Well, wait, maybe not really. I’ve got a super busy work day today – a presentation at a mental wellness summit – my part is really brief, but I’ll be there all morning. And I have to be there before 8 a.m.

Then I’ve got the last of my Self-Compassion Mindfulness class.

As soon as I get home, I’ve got a client, and then one more after that.

THEN the birthday celebration can begin.

I’ve already gotten my present from MP – the electric trike – so that’s very cool. But we’ll have dinner and cake and my daughter has a gift for me (not that it’s all about the gifts, of course it’s not.) But it will be lovely.

Of course I had to find myself an appropriate BDSM birthday card.

I am kind of old, y’all. I don’t quite understand how that happened. Sigh. It’s not bad. You know, I can be a wise elder. And a lifelong learner. Young at heart, while I embrace this stage of life.

Good times ahead…

23 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday

  1. Happy birthday sister my heart! It’s hard admitting we’ve gotten this old! But it beats the alternative for sure. Wishing you a great birthday and hug hug hug!

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    • Thank you, fondles, that’s so sweet!! And you’re right, being busy did make it that much more special. Thanks for the good wishes and for sharing my celebratory spirit!! πŸ’œ


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