The Massage II

Hands on her ass then, her lover’s or one of the other men, she didn’t know. She moaned softly, it felt so good. Firm but sensual, they parted her cheeks and oiled hands stroked her crack. She had been waxed the day before and so her skin was smooth and hairless.

Fingers circled, rubbed, caressed the puckered opening but did not penetrate her. She squirmed a bit, longing for more.

“She loves to have her ass played with,” her lover’s voice, “and she likes to be spanked too. We’ll demonstrate that in a little bit.”

She was ready for the spanking to begin, a bit disappointed when it didn’t. But the hands continued, stroking, massaging, roaming from one sensitive area to another.

Her pussy throbbed, she longed to be touched, but no hands were even close to that hot wetness. And she was perched right on the edge of soothed and aroused – balanced between screaming with desire and purring with pleasure and contentment.

“We can keep her simmering at this level for a long time,” her lover explained to the observers. “Or we can increase the arousal – or decrease it, of course, but that’s not as interesting. To increase it, we can add to the pleasure, like this.

“Johann, stroke her cunt please, find the clit, and concentrate there,” and her lover paused in his narrative. She knew they could hear her gasp as Johann’s hand found its way between her legs, moving slowly but steadily to part her lips. His index finger touched the hard nub, swollen and tender.

He moved his finger rhythmically back and forth. The girl gasped and moaned with longing. It was only a minute before her lover said, “You see? It takes very little to bring it up a notch. Stop, please, Johann.”

The girl whimpered as the hand was withdrawn. The hands returned to massage, moving between her thighs. She cried out, “oh, oh, please,” and the hands moved away, down to her calves. She sighed.

“And we can bring it back down a bit.” her lover continued matter-of-factly, “Or we can increase the level of arousal through pain. In some ways, pain is even more effective than pleasure.”

He noticed that some of the observers were reacting to the unfolding scene. Women crossed and uncrossed their legs, squirming a bit, while more than one man rested a hand in his lap, surrepitiously rubbing a hand against his cock.

6 thoughts on “The Massage II

    • It is a weird one, isn’t it? It’s actually my own version of a fantasy that someone I knew a long time ago used tell me while he was, you know, kind of playing with me. Only we didn’t actually have an audience. But it was a huge turn-on when he did it, so I’m glad you think this version of it is hot too!


  1. The whole audience idea is one that BIKSS and I toy with in our fantasy. Like your long-ago-someone, BIKSS likes to bring this up verbally from time to time while playing with me. It’s very arousing. But not something I would actually be up for IRL i don’t think. Great continuation. And yes, I did come back a post after reading your birthday one. Thanks for the heads up.

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    • It’s interesting, isn’t it, how hot it can be in that shared moment, without any real desire to make it happen. Although I have played publicly, but nothing like this fantasy!! I’m so glad you came back and read it, and glad you liked it!


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