What Would You Think?

What would you think if my girl on the massage table just fell asleep next?

No, of course that’s not what happens, that would be ridiculous.

But it does reflect my state of mind tonight and why I’m not writing more of it.

I babysat again this evening. My grands are lovely, delightful children and I enjoy them very much. They are actually pretty well behaved most of the time. The younger one is an old soul and the older one is a young soul, which makes it interesting.

And I’m exhausted. Or tired anyhow. Really tired. (See Jz, I’m back on theme here.). And really, any fantasy tonight would end up with everyone sleeping soundly.

But I won’t always be worn out. I don’t think I’m babysitting (much) again until the end of the month. So we’ll see what kind of adult fantasy material I can explore this weekend!

6 thoughts on “What Would You Think?

  1. Hi Olivia,

    Somehow I can’t see the girl on the table falling asleep lol. Sounds like you need to though 🙂 kids are tireing, no matter how well behaved.

    We will be here waiting when you are ready to write more 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol, yeah, you’re probably right. She probably wouldn’t actually fall asleep – and if she did, I’m pretty sure they’d wake her up! And yep, definitely needed some sleep. Getting ready to move into my birthday week-end with a bit of energy!

      Thanks for the support, always! 💜


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