The Massage

Lying on the table, she smiled as the hands on her calves massaged firmly, the scented oil warming her skin. She had never imagined herself in this situation, but so far it was lovely.

The hands continued to work their way up her thighs slowly, and she moaned. “You like that?” It was her lover’s voice, although they were not his hands.

She started to say yes, but was distracted by the sensation of hands on one arm. The hands on her thighs were still there, but now there were hands massaging her right arm too.

She startled a bit, raised her head, and might have tried to get up, but his voice was soothing. “It’s ok, just relax. I told you this would be special, didn’t I? This is just the beginning.”

She put her head back down, breathing easily again. Hands on her shoulders now, massaging firmly, her muscles uncoiling beneath the touch. “Mmmmm,” she murmured.

She heard the door open, felt a breath of cool air stir through the room, the sound of footsteps. She had been blindfolded so she could not see how many people there were, if it was all men, or women too, if they were old or young. She could hear them file in and settle into the chairs that had been arranged around the massage table.

The hands continued their massage magic, two hands working on her legs still, two hands alternating between arms. She was lulled by the pleasure and it was easy to forget there was an audience, they sat so quietly. Only an occasional cough or the creak of a chair as someone shifted position reminded her they were there.

She thought it was odd that she was undisturbed by it, but then the sensation of the hands captured her full attention again.

Her lover’s voice was warm when he addressed the observers. “Welcome, thank you for joining us this evening. Tonight, we’ll be demonstrating how a submissive girl can be trained to maximize her potential for orgasms and pleasure, as well as for obedience and desire to please.”

There was a smattering of applause that ended quickly when he said, “Please, save your applause for the end. As I was saying, this girl has been trained to cum on command, and not to cum until given permission.”

For a second, she had a vision of herself as a dog, heeding his commands, but then she remembered what it was like to cum for the 7th time, or the 12th, and the hands moved tantalizingly close to the cleft between her thighs. She moaned and squirmed a bit, rising up as if to offer him access.

Her lover’s voice sounded amused, “See how she does that? Raises her ass? Johann is getting very close to her pussy now, and she already wants him to touch her. She is very hot already, and if I were to slide my finger between her legs, I assure you, she is already very wet.”

He went back to lecture tone as he said, “If you have questions, you’ve been given some post-it notes, simply write your question down and hand it to me, I’ll make sure all the questions are answered. No, the girl is not allowed to cum right now. We are going to begin to play with her in a minute.”

Quite suddenly the hands stopped the massage, and she wanted to protest, but she felt the touch on her wrist and one hand grasped her ankle, moving it outward, and attaching it to a velvet cuff. A whimper escaped her, there was something about the cuffs going on that aroused her almost unbearably. She would have pressed against the table beneath her, but it was designed not to allow her to do that.

Hands on the other wrist, attaching her firmly to the end of the table, and hands at her other ankle, pulling her leg so she was open and exposed, then attaching her so she could barely move her leg. Now that no one was touching her, she suddenly felt very exposed and vulnerable.

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